♡20 Things That Make Me Happy♡

March 25, 2016

♡ 20 things that make me happy ♡

Hey, guys! So today I'm going to tell you my 20 favourite things! I though this would be cute but I saw my friend Ellie (literally life go check her out she's amazing!) do this so I wanted to do it! Also, this is a collab with my best friend Lili so check out her blog ( http://www.arianaftzoe.blogspot.com/ )

1. sunsets and sunrises! I love seeing all the colours in the sky because there so pretty and make me so happy 

2. Reading! I love picking up and good book and reading it, I read all the time and enjoy it a lot

3. Baking! Baking is one of my hobbies, I love baking things and eating the treats after 

4. Travelling! I love visiting different places and I want to go to so many places, I can't wait to travel

5. Disney! I am a HUGE Disney fan like I have seen ever film so many times I just love them

6. YouTube! I've been watching YouTube for 3-4 years and I love it so much, I love team Internet!

7. Winter! I love it in winter when it's really cold so you can get rapped up in blankets and drink Hot chocolates and wear cosy jumper and light warm spicey candles

8. 5 seconds of summer! They are my favourite band and I have supported them since 2012, I am married to Michael Clifford

9. Makeup! Makeup is one of my favourite things to buy I love it and I love to try new makeup or just buy it

10. Shopping! I am a shopping addict like I spend so much money shopping I need to calm down

11. Coffee! Wether it's a latte or coffee I love caffeine a lot, I drink at least 1 of them a day it's starting to be a problem but oh well

12. Candles! I don't know why but I have an addiction to Yankee candles and light them Everday and buy way more than I need 

13. Hugs! This one I can't explain I just really love hugging people or people hugging me it makes he just feel really warm and cosy inside and smile

14. Sweet treats! From anything to going to a Bakery, a cupcake shop or even ASDA getting some really nice treats or pretty homemade desserts make me so happy and taking a cute photo of it too

15. Flowers! Again I don't know home to explain I just love the smell of fresh flowers, the colours and the flowers just make me so happy like my dad bought me some roses before and it makes my day

16. My family and friends! I have such a good group of friend who love me and the most amazing family I could wish for! I am so lucky I love them all 

17. Baths! I love when it's been a long day and I can go have a nice bath, lush or not lush, and just relax and it makes me so calm and happy 

18. Fairy lights! I love looking at fairy lights! Idek why but ever since I was younger I've had them in my room and they make me really happy

19.Pretty little liars! So this is my all time favourite show, I've been watching it over a year and I love how happy I get for Wednesday's waiting for new episodes!

20. Zoe's copper candles! So you guys may not know but that's a group chat I'm in on Twitter and I love all the girls to bits! They make me so happy. I had to save best till last 😉
So I hope you guys enjoyed! Let me know what makes you happy in the comments I would love to know!

Bailey ♡ xxx

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  1. This is a lovely post, I love finding out what makes people happy!


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