♡Adventure Diary! -5 Sounds Live Feels Live 2016 Tour♡

April 30, 2016

♡ Adventure Diary!-5 sounds live feels live  2016 tour! ♡

So hey guys! I've decided when I do little fun things, like day trips or concerts and that, I will write a blog about it! So this is sorta for like sentimental memories and if other people want to know about my personal experience!

So I'm going to see my favourite ever band 5 seconds of summer, live on their 2nd worldwide tour sounds live feels live! went to see them at Leeds direct arena on 11th April.

The story behind how I went is pretty last minute, I decided on Friday 8th April that I wanted to see 5sos playing in Leeds on Monday 11th April so my Amazing mum and dad bought me, my mum and my best friend Lili tickets!

Well, to start off my OOTD is my  black skinny jeans with my grey ribbed crop top and bomber jacket all from new look! This is all clothes features from my new look haul. I'm just taking my small Michael Kors bag to hold my glasses and phone in!

So I have never been to a concert before and it was the best night of my life. I loved it so much, the experience was incredible and the atmosphere was incredible! It was insane I loved it so much and I had so much fun with Lili!

They played some of my favourite songs and were so cute! The way the hit the notes blew me away, and the guitar solos were out of this world. it finally hit me that I wasn't listening to them from YouTube anymore it was in person.

It made me so happy to see them with my Best friend I was even more happy seeing my favourite people live, it was one of the best experiences of my life I would do it again in a heartbeat!

During vapour when Luke teared up it broke my heart and when Calum teared up in amnesia I nearly cried omg. There so talented it amazes me every time! I loved everything about it, the Yorkshire pudding song was my favourite out of everything they played.

When I was there I went to the merch stand and at then, I got signed photos and a tour wristband that I haven't taken off since I got it.

I can say I had the best time in the world and I hope to see them live again, I have the best memories from it. I'm definitely going to see them next year!

So sorry it's a short one and not what most people would like to see but this is such an amazing memory and means so much to me, but I hope you enjoyed knowing about my experience!

Bailey ♡ xxx

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