♡New Look Haul♡

April 24, 2016

 new look haul  

Hey, guys! So on Monday (28th March) my mum and I went on a trip to new look because I needed some new clothes and I thought I would haul them for you guys! So let's get started because it's quite a big haul for me haha!

So to start off with I got this grey short sleeved ripped crop top. It's a soft cotton and a really comfy top. I think this will look super cute with a pair of jeans and a leather or a bomber jacket! I also got it in black and might go back and get it in white too!

Next, I got a white and navy long sleeved ribbed top. This is completely different to what I usually wear but I wanted to try something new because it's super cute. This would look good with a pair of high-waisted jeans and a leather jacket 

Carrying on with the striped theme I got this black and white short-sleeved ribbed crop top. This is a staple thing to have for summer/ spring when the weather gets warmer because it goes with anything and keeps you cool! This would be good paired with white jeans and a bomber jacket. 

So after I got pinstriped baseball top! I thought this is a really cute chill top and different to what I have. It's a really soft material and This would go well with skinny jeans and a jacket 

Onto jeans I got a new pair of black high waisted jeans because I wore my last ones to death! These new look ones are amazing because they are so soft and comfy to wear all day! I am not the biggest jeans fan but I love new look jeans! I got these in black and blue, they go with everything!

To finish with Clothing, I got a black bomber jacket! This is now one of my favourite things to wear because it's quite padded so it keeps me warm and goes with everything! I have worn it so much since I got it! It can go with anything you pair it with and completely give the outfit a different vibe to it! (update- this is my favourite thing to wear I love it so much)

I just thought I would add this in at the end, I got a new look highlighter and oh my! This is super stunning! It's so pigmented- I would say as good as Mac and the glow it gives is stunning!! It was £6.99 I think and so worth the money, I got the shade light pink! 

So I hope you guys enjoyed this clothing haul, I sure did and can't wait to wear it all! I would recommend everything to you since New Look is such a good priced shop with good quality! 

Bailey  xxx

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