♡Kylie Lip Kit 'Koko K' Review♡

June 12, 2016

♡Kylie lip kit 'Koko K' review ♡ 

hey, guys! So recently I got my hands on one of the internets biggest hypes at the moment - a Kylie lip kit!! I was so excited to finally order a lip kit because I've been trying to get ahold of one for months and I finally did! Since so many people want them or have them by now, I decided to share my opinion with you guys in case you wanted one of just wanted an opinion on one!

So I got one and overall I would give this product 1000/10. It is the best liquid lipstick I've ever seen and used (also my first so I may be biased)

The packaging of the lip kit is so simple yet so cute! I really like how it isn't tacky looking or too much. It's really photogenic and looks quite classy, sleek and its so shiny too.

I love the box it comes in because it's just so pretty! It has the logo on with the dripping effect of the colour of the lip kit on the lips and just looks so good!! I like how it has the shade of the lip kit around the box too because it just makes it look lovely!

The lip liner is matte and the lid is a shiny black. It says Kylie in metallic silver and the shade of the liner and it's so pretty! It just adds the extra effect to it making it look really aesthetically pleasing. all of the kylie cosmetic products look so chic and classy!

I feel like the note from Kylie is such a nice personal touch to put in to make us realise how much effort and how much she cares about these lip kits. I am proud of her because she has done such a good job!

The lip kits are around £20 and £10 for the delivery. This is about the price in pounds but its $43.95 in the US. personally, I think that is so good considering what you get for your money! A Mac liquid lipstick is £21.50 on its own and a lip liner is £14.50 so you save so much in the long run if you look at it like that! I would compare the quality to Mac and as a bonus, It came within 10 days to the UK from LA which I think is really good! I am really impressed with the delivery and I didn't have to pay customs either luckily.

The shade I got was 'Koko K' which is the lightest shade of all Kylie's lip kits, it is described as a pale, pinky nude. It is more pinky than candy K and slightly lighter too. Since this is the only shade I've got I cannot say it's my favourite out of them all but I love it so so much!! The colour goes with so many different outfits and matches my skin tone since I'm quite pale.

when on the lips, the liquid takes maybe a minute or two to set fully matte and feels quite comfortable wearing throughout the day. It lasts while you eat unless it's something oily and stays for 6+ hours without top ups! I've worn it so much and it definitely is not too drying on my lips and does last all the time I need it though the day! 

The lip liner is so creamy and silky! It glides straight into the lips with and is so comfortable to wear! It does make a different and if you wanted to makes it easy to over line your lips and it is unnoticeable! Since this is the first Lip liner I've got its set my expectations high and definitely makes me want to use more lip liners! 

Overall I would recommend this to anyone! It's so worth the price and is amazing!! This isn't the longest review I've seen because I wanted to keep it on the basics and just go over the main point but if anyone has any questions, ask my in the comments and I will try my best to reply! 

I hope this helped you guys and you enjoy it. Let me know if you have any Of the lip kits and your opinions on them! 

Bailey ♡ xxx

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