♡20 Things to do When You're Bored♡

July 24, 2016

 ♡ 20 things to do when you're bored ♡ 

Hey guys! So I am a person who is easily bored and when I'm bored I away send up doing either wasting time just on Facebook or Instagram or end up in the odd side of YouTube.

So this summer I have 6 weeks off so I decided I'm going to keep myself busy and active as much as I can and not waste it away watching a season a day or pretty little liars on Netflix! So I thought I would share with you 20 things I do when I'm bored!

1. Read a book! Personally I love reading so much it's one of my favourite things to do. I read so often so whenever I'm bored I always pick up my book and read!

2. Go for a walk! Nothing's better then clearing your head and being on your own for awhile. I love just walking when I have nothing to do and really taking in your surroundings. It can completely change your mood and state of mind.

3. Go on a spontaneous trip! Sometimes the best memories come from being spontaneous so why not take a trip unexpectedly somewhere, anyway and enjoy it. Maybe it's an overnight trip across the country, maybe it's 5 minutes down the road in a local premier in; just go wild!

4. Go talk to your family! I'm not always downstairs in usually very unsocial hiding away in my room so whenever we're all I free I love just talking to my mum or dad about anything and everything, just catching up with them is nice to so every one in awhile

5. Go hang out with a friend! I'm quite an anti social person, so when I'm bored I think having company and socialising is such a good idea, seeing your friends is always fun and makes memories!

6. Go to the cinema! Who doesn't love watching movies? The cinema always has atleast 1 movie everyone wants to see so why not? I think 99% of the human race want to see finding dory

7. Have a spa day! Everyone deserves alittle pamper every once in awhile so why not send some time pampering yourself?

8. Listen to music! Whether it's finding new artists you like of listening to your favourite album, everyone loves listening to music don't they, it always entertains me and make me happy

9. Do something new! Everyday there is always a chance to try something new and when your bored why not do that, sometimes it is a good idea to step outside your comfort zone

10. Do some random acts of kindness! These can really brighten someone's day, weathers it's complimenting someone, doing chores in the house or even just smiling, try make someone's day by being Kind!

11. Go to the park! Whenever I'm doing nothing else I love just going up to the park and going with the flow, doing anything I decide when I get there
12. Have a movie marathon! There's nothing better when it's cold just to relax either on your own or with a friend and eat snacks and watch movies!

13. Bake! Baking Is one of my favourite things and is so fun, therapeutic and worth it when you come out with delicious treats! It can always turn my mood around and make me feel so much better. I'm loving baking from Tanya Bakes at the moment.

14. Exercise! Personally in not a sporty person but I wanna get into exercise because it makes you feel so much better, physically and mentally and keeps your fit and have a good mindset.

15. Have a picnic! Picnics are one of my favourite things to do! They are fun, easy and a lovely way to meet up with your friends! There something I always do in summer

16. Have a girly night in! Girly nights are amazing to gather with all your friends because you can have fun, see eachother and combined a lot of these things together!

17. Go window shopping! Shopping isn't my bank accounts favourite thing so I window shop so much when I visit town and write down lists of things I want so I can save for!

18. Organise or clean my room! Other people may not be the same but I love having clean a clean and tidy room it makes me feel so much better so I always clean and reorganise my room because who doesn't love a clean and reorganised room?

19. Go onto day trips! I love exploring and going somewhere new whoever I can! So if I ever have an opportunity to go on a day trip I always do because it's fun and creates so many memories

20. Learn something new! Taking up a new hobbie is always such a fun things to do when you have nothing to do, it can be useful or just something you want to do!

So I hope you guys enjoyed this and do some of these things when your bored! this list is honestly saving me and keeping me so entertained in the summer!

Bailey ♡ xxx

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