♡25 Coconut Oil Uses♡

July 02, 2016

♡ 25 coconut oil uses ♡
Hey guys so I wanted to share one of the best things with you; coconut oil. Coconut oil is such an amazing versatile product  because you can use it for basically everything and anything! As well it has SO many benefits for your body, it's antibacterial and anti-fungal.

Lots of different research has uncovered that it's full healthy fats called medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs), and fats include:

-Caprylic acid
-Lauric acid
-Capric acid

It is also said around 62% of the oils in coconut are made up of these 3 healthy fatty acids and 91% of the fat in coconut oil is healthy saturated fat. (This is just the information I found on google do I'm not 100% sure if it's true or anything but)

You can get coconut oil from anywhere! It's sold on Amazon, eBay, any supermarket, Superdrug sell it and any health store too! There is also Afew different types: edible and hair and skin! You can get it raw or extra Virgin or just the type I have.

Since it's such a versatile product, it can be used for cooking, cleaning, haircare, skincare, Nailcare, and natural remedies. So now we know what we can use it for late get into some of the actual uses!

1. Lip balm! Since coconut oil is so moisturising it's an amazing lip balm, it moisturises your lips so well.

2. Vegetable oil alternative! Replace coconut oil for vegetable oil when your cooking so the foods healthier and better for your body.

3. A highlighter! Rub a little bit of coconut oil on the tops of cheekbones to highlight over makeup but be careful and don't use too much and let it glow!

4. a metabolism Booster! Up to 2 tablespoons of coconut oil per day has been proven to rev up your metabolism.

5. eat a spoon a day! It's delicious, healthy and good for your body.

6.  Shaving! Apply the coconut oil to the area your shaving and it will glide over the skin, leaving you silky smooth legs.

7. tame frizzy hair! Apply a small amount of oil and run it through your hair and it should calm it down BUT less is more because you don't want greasy looking hair.

8. Homemade deaoderant! Go on Pinterest or google it and you can add it into making these deodorants whilst it will have benefits for your body instead of using chemicals

9. helps remove a stuck ring! Rings are a pain in the neck when you can't get them off your fingers If there too small or just stuck but coconut oil will help remove it and make it glide off.

10. add into baking! If you like the taste you can but it into so many treats to help them be healthier or even taste nicer like brownies, flapjacks, cookies, cupcakes and way more.

11. A face wash! You could just use it to maybe clean your skin and wash it off like a facial wash but natural.

12. Makeup brush cleaner! The oil is soft so it will remove all the bacteria and makeup from your brushes whilst not damaging them and being good.

13. Nail cutical oil! Applying this onto your Cuticles everyday will help your nails get stronger and be moisturised, so they will grow better.

14. a Makeup remover! It's all natural and a oil so it will remove your makeup so smoothly.

15. hair brush cleaner! If your brush isn't looking in too good condition and maybe is covered in dry shampoo or something, just wash it with the coconut oil so it's all clean.

16. natural mouthwash! In our day and age, you can get or make everything natural! If you just google or go on Pinterest you can find recipes to use  coconut oil in a natural mouthwash.

17. bath soak! Putting a spoon of the oil into your Bath water feels lovely and nourishing whilst has benefits for your skin.

18. put onto sunburn! Sunburn is very painful but coconut oil soothes it and helps it so much.

19. add on popcorn! Popcorn is one of my favourite treats and adding coconut oil into it adds some extra flavour and just makes it taste so much better.

20. put in DIY scrubs or any DIYS! If you google or explore Pinterest there are so many easy DIY body scrubs, lip scrubs and so many other things you can make and coconut oil is always a good thing to add.

21. Hair oil! Your hair always needs alittle TLC so coconut oil is such a good and natural thing thing to use on the ends or as a all over hair mask.

22. A moisturiser for body and face! Coconut oil is so moisturising and had benefits for you skin so it would be such a good moisturiser and help your skin a lot.

23. insect relevant! Bug bites are the worst but coconut oil helps sooth and calm the bites down so they done itch as much!

24. add into smoothies! As I have said a lot coconut oil has so many benefits for you and I'm not going to repeat myself it's just so good for you.

25. Finally you could make into waxmelts and burn! personally i think coconut is such a nice summery and strong smell, this would be amazing and make your house smell lovely.

So, I hope you guys enjoyed all of these ways to use coconut oil and find them useful or even try any of them out yourself!

Bailey ♡ xxx

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