♡Homemade Lemonade♡

July 27, 2016

♡ homemade lemonade ♡

Hey, guys! So let's talk about lemonade. What's better when it's warm (IE England with our 20-30 degree heatwave at the moment) in the summer (what is summer? England has no idea till recently) then a cold glass of sweet lemonade! I love making my own lemonade when it comes to summer because it's so refreshing when the weather is warmer and lovely to drink.

So today I thought I would share with you guys my all time favourite lemonade recipe I use every summer; which is so super simple and really sweet to drink!

-3 lemons
-3 pints of water
-9 tablespoons of granulated sugar (you can customise this too, however, sweet or sour you like your lemonade!)

1. To start with half all your lemons and boil your water in the kettle.

2. once the water is boiled, pour out a pint of the water and add whoever many of tablespoons of sugar you want in and mix everything together till the sugar dissolves.

3. squeeze 2 halves of the lemon and add the lemon juice into the hot water.

4. Carefully mix together everything and pour into a big jug

5. Then I repeat this as many times as I have lemons (1 lemon = one pint of water, 3 tablespoons of sugar) and I ended up with a jug of lemonade!

Honestly, I love this lemonade so much and I hope you guys do too! I would love you guys to make this and tell me what you think!

Bailey ♡ xxx

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