July 20, 2016

♡ Q&A ♡
Hey, guys! So I thought today I would do something different and I asked on Twitter for questions and here are some of the questions you guys asked me!

So to start with phoebe asked what is my favourite type of dog?

Honestly, I love pugs because they're so adorable and cuddly but I have a German Shepard so there one of my favourites too, I can't pick between these even though they're so different!

Katie asked do you ever find it hard thinking of topics to talk about?

Well, this really depends on the person with me. If it's like one of my close or best friends the conversations just flow but if it's a stranger I'm quite awkward and I hope they have something to talk about, if they do I can make a conversation flow most of the time

Lili asked what's my favourite highlighter?

Well highlighters are one of my all tone favourite makeup items and if I had to pick I wound pick 'Mac soft and gentle' because it's AMAZING and I would recommend this to anyone

Lili asked again if you could do anything job wise, what would you be?

I have A few ideas of what I want to do but one of the main things is either get into business or interior design because of they both interest me so much!

Laura asked do you have a go-to makeup brand and if so what is it

To be honest, I'm not brand loyal, I just use lots of different brands. I love Mac and urban decay, high-end brands and Loréal and Maybelline for drugstore brands.

 Katie asked how many brothers / sisters if any?

I have one younger sister, who is 9 and no other siblings but I wish I had an older sibling

Aisha-Kun asked did you ever watch anime?

I watched Pokemon as a kid but that's about it I'm not really into anime, to be honest

Alicia asked what's one makeup brand you wish were cruelty-free?

I really wish Mac was cruelty-free because it's one of my favourites brands and I love it lots but I hate knowing it tests on animals

Alicia also asked where's your favourite place to go when you're stressed or upset?

When I'm upset and stressed I usually just go to bed or I go outside and listen to music usually because I like to just forget and be on my own and chill.

So I hope you enjoyed this Q&A! It's different to my normal style so please check out my other posts!

Also as an extra note I'm breaking up for the 6 week holidays on Friday, so I'm now posting blogs on Wednesdays and Saturdays instead of just Saturdays so I hope you guys enjoy them!

Bailey ♡ xxx

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