♡ What is Autumn to you? ♡

September 22, 2016

Autumn is ice cold days, but layering thick and cosy jumpers and big coats. With clothes that are dark autumnal colours like burgundy, greys, mustards with woolly hats, gloves and scarfs to keep you all nice and warm, wearing berry and red lips with warm natural makeup.

Autumn is going outside to see the leaves reds and oranges! Watching them fall off the trees and rustle in the wind then going outside and playing in the leaves, watching them fall and change colour as its so cold but you'd too wrapped up to notice, wandering though parks and forests just admiring the beautiful of what is coming our way. It may be cold but the beauty of nature is making it so worth it to leave the house and just go on walks! As well it's a perfect time to take artsy photos.

Autumn is then going home after a busy and cold day to then spend a night all cozy in your rooms with lots of blankets and a hot drink and autumnal with pumpkin or just cozy scented candles burning and fairy lights twinkling either watching movies or reading a good book.

Autumn is pumpkin. In Autumn everything revolves around pumpkins! Pumpkin spiced lattes, pumpkin candles, pumpkin pie! There are so many pumpkin scented and pumpkin tasting things around that just make Autumn 10x cosier!! Like we do have the traditional warm cozy scents but what is Autumn without anything pumpkin?

Autumn is the food and drinks! As its getting colder food gets warmer, deserts get sweeter and life gets better! Pumpkin pies are out, apple pies are in season! Soup, stews and any liquid food for everyone to enjoy, the cakes and muffins and cookies freshly baked, mulled cider and all hot drinks are out and hot chocolates are in there main season! The food and drinks are truly to die for

Autumn is Halloween! The festive holiday of dressing up, scaring people and pumpkins! Getting lots of sweets whilst trick or treating in the cold. Carving pumpkins and making pumpkin pie with the leftovers. Then followed by bonfire night. No one really mentions the meaning but everyone does something, either lighting fireworks or having a cozy bonfire, the smell of crackling fire lingering in the air as you get close to the fire to keep warm, maybe even roasting marshmallows and making smores.

This is what Autumn is to me.

So i hope you enjoyed this different type of post, where I though I would share what Autumn is to me! And as today is the first official day of Autumn what better time to post it? All the photos are from we heart it, Pinterest or tumblr and none are mine but are super cute!

Bailey ♡ xxx

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