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September 03, 2016

Hey, guys! So my friend Alicia from aesthetic obsessed did this tag awhile ago and I thought it was such a good idea! I love the concept and I think it's such a good way for all of you guys to get to know me better as you seem to enjoy what I write so here's an a-z in myself with little facts and things you can know about me!

A is for Autumn, my favourite season!

B is for Bailey, my name of course!

C is for candles, one of the best things out there !

D is for Disney, my childhood and just everything because Disney is amazing!

E is for elephants, my favourite animals!

F is for flowers, one of my favourite things to look at and have in my room!

G is for glasses, the bane of my life!

H is for Halsey, my favourite female artist, queen and woman crush!

I is for Iridescent if I see something iridescent I literally can't say no to!

J is for J.k Rowling, an author of Harry Potter, my favourite movies and books as a child!

K is for kindness because you should always be kind!

L is for Luke hemmings, the lead singer of my favourite ever band 5 seconds of summer!

M is for Marnie, my German Shepard who I love so much!

N is for New York, the place I want to go most in the world!

O us for optimistic., because I've been told I'm very optimistic!

P is for pink and pizza , one of my favourite colour and favourite foods!

Q is for questions, something I always ask because I'm a curious person and like to know things!

R is for reading, one of my favourite things to do when I'm not busy!

S is for sunsets and sunrises, the things that make me very happy and I love watching!

T is for travelling, something I want to do a lot when I'm older!

U is for urban outfitters, one of my favourite shops that basically sells everything!

V is for Vinyls, something I think is really cool and would love a collection of!

W is for writing, one of my favourite things to do!

X is for X-rays, which I had done on my teeth A few days before writing this post for my braces I'm getting soon!

Y is for YouTube, the thing that makes me incredibly happy and has made me a happier person!

Z is for zodiac, which mine is Sagittarius as I'm born on 20th December!

So I hope you guys enjoyed this and got to know me a little more. I think you should do this tag because it's quite easy and I thinks fun to read!

Bailey ♡ xxx

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