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October 29, 2016

Hey guys! So Halloween is right around the corner and what better time to dress up as some of the baddest bitches to ever exist? Some people prefer to be scary but I'm more badass because there's no better time to do it then Halloween, last year i dressed up as Alison from pll on the day she disappeared. i say if this goes well this may become a thing because why not dress up anytime of the year!

So I am so into the typical 'rich mean girl' character and there always my favourite so today I though I would share a super easy get the look I created from polyvore on 3 of my favourite badass female characters!

So to start of, I have to say maybe my favourite of them al and it is the one and only Queen B. Blair Waldorf. Gossip girl is one of my favourite shows and who is a bigger and badder bitch then Blair?

Blair is a fashionista and is very into fashion. Blair is very preppy in high school and loves pops of colour. As the seasons processed she grew out of some of her signature looks. But they caught my attention with that colours she managed to pull off making them look amazing! If she can pull this off; She can pull anything off

Blair is definitely the hardest to create but is the most outstanding to make! For this you will need yellow Headband, green armless button up coat, black / navy blue and white spotty scarf, yellow bag, grey long gloves black thick tights and yellow heels

Next is a new favourite badass and everyone knows her. Chanel obrien is the stereotypical mean girl who everyone actually loves no matter how much of a bitch they are, she is the typical rich

Chanel is very girly and 2015. She loves pearls and fluffy fur clothes. She wears everything that's on trend and looks amazing in it. She can dress up anything to me and it amazing!So what better look to create then photo from the above!

Chanel has style and this is quite simple to re create since it's a simple but draws a lot of attention to itself! personally i would wear this on a regular day. You will need a pink fluffy headband, a plain strapless white crop tip, a long pink pencil skirt, a pink bow chain belt, a pearl necklace and some pink fancy ish looking heels!

For the final look we couldn't leave out the mean girl herself Regina George. Everyone knows her and loves her no matter if they will admit it or not. Mean girls is THE movie !

Regina dresses like a typical popular girl in the early 2000's - short skirts, cardigans and vest style top or just a t-shirt with the heels! She has her own style throughout the Movie but my personal favourite is from the movie photos! This has to be the easiest one but everyone will surely know who you are!

This is the super easy outfit everyone knows Regina for! For the loon you need a  pink mini skirt, plain white vest or blouse, a pink cardigan and pink heels preferably all the same shade pink! As an extra step you could get Regina's necklace to go too!

So I hope these costumes are helpful! I honestly love all of these so much and hope to create one of these myself! Who doesn't love a badass bitch, they all are by many and loved!

Bailey ♡ xxx

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