♡ Q&A 2 ♡

October 01, 2016

Hey, guys! So I thought today I would do something different to my normal posts and let you guys know me more! So I asked on Twitter for some questions and here are some of the questions you guys asked me!

So to start with, Laura asked me - if you could only have one item of makeup, what would it be?

This is like asking to pick a favourite family member, a favourite puppy in dogs trust its impossible. I would honestly have none then pick a favourite. Maybe could pick five items but I can't pick one it's way too hard.

Lili asked me - Fav highlighter?

Well I love all my highlighters but I always go back to Mac 'soft and gentle' I've had it nearly a year and I honestly love it so much!

 Aisha asked me - favourite youtubers atm?

Well I have 4 overall favourites - zoë sugg, Tanya burr, Sophie foster and velvetgh0st but I love so many others! I love molly (beauty spectrum), Jack Maynard, nikkie tutorials, shannxo, Emily canham and so many more we would be here all day if I listed them

 Luna asked me what are your favourite hobbies?

Well I'm not a very interesting person. I like doing my makeup even though I'm not good, I love baking in quite good honestly, I watch Netflix, eat and sleep if they count? And I love to read!!

 Luna also asked me - ant favourite tv shows at the moment?

Aside from the obvious Pll which is a all time favourite I'm in love with stranger things honestly, it's such an amazing show with an amazing cast I can't wait for season 2. Millie bobbie brown people!!! Also please say I'm not the only one who is on love with Jonathan Byers because everyone disagrees with me.

 Grace asked me - favourite thing about autumn and why?

Autumn is my favourite time of the year, i love it and i love so much about it! i love the weather, the drinks, the scents, the food, getting cosy, being warm and theres honestly so much more, I really can't narrow it down to a favourite thing but i addressed a few of them in my autumn blogpost. you should check it out!

 Lauren also asked me - any makeup products you regret buying?

Honestly no because before I buy makeup I really read into makeup and watch reviews, I love all my makeup a lot

 Laura and cait asked me - favourite book and film? 

Personally i normally prefer books to films and watch tv shows now, I don't have favourites. I love the Harry Potter films, love Rosie, niaomi and ely's no kiss list and mortal instruments book series. I also love the fault in our stars and there's literally too many books to pick from!

Finally, Bailey asked me - who is your favorite most fav band or artist and why? What made you love them so dearly?

My favourite band is 5 seconds of summer! They have made me so happy for years and just are so special to Me, I don't know why but they mean the world to me. I love all time low, the 1975 and artic monkeys. My favourite singers are Halsey, panic! At the disco, selena Gomez, Shawn Mendes! There all amazing and so talented I do love them all

So I hope you guys enjoyed this more chilled type blogpost and got to know me alittle better! I love doing these type posts once in awhile I hope you guys so too!

Bailey ♡ xxx

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