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November 12, 2016

Hey guys! So doing makeup is one of the best things to do! You can follow tutorials, make it up as you go along or re create looks you've made; the possibilities are endless on what to do! But this can take awhile and they are Afew shortcuts you could take to make your life easier and even improve your makeup skills!

Over the past year and a half of doing makeup, I've picked up afew hacks from The Internet, friends or just from myself and I though I would share them with you guys, so I hope you enjoy my makeup hacks that make your life easier! Some of these hacks are quite well know but a little reminder of them never hurts!

1. Use tape for eyeliner! This can help get that sharp flick and save any mistakes. But this is a multi use hack because you can use this to create a sharp line for eyeshadow which looks amazing and clear. This is a pretty well known one but is so useful!

2. On the sharp eyeshadow hacks, if you don't want to use tape and ruin your makeup you can get alittle concealer onto your finger and just draw a line essentially to make your eyeshadow sharp! Or finally you could hold a card up to get no fallout on your foundation and make it look sharp!

3. Eyeshadow can make or break the makeup look so one thing I always do no matter how pigmented my eyeshadows are, wet you eyeshadow brush to Incresse pigment! This works so well when your eyeshadows are pretty but lack pigment and really helps

4. putting a translucent powder over any lipstick makes it matte! There are so many lipsticks out there with many different finishes but a lot of people prefer matte so this hack will make any lipsticks matte! It is so easy and always works because matte is do in trend and what everyone goes for more then often so now with this hack you can turn any lipstick matte!

5. put coconut oil on your eyelashes and eyebrows and it helps them grow! I've been doing this for maths 2 months every night and I've noticed the difference, it has helped them gown and they rarely come out, I've always had short lashes but now there getting longer I'm so happy! As for my eyebrows I haven't noticed a difference really but I'm growing them out at the moment so.

6. our cotton pads in compacts to stop them breaking! This is a hack I've been using awhile because I've broken 3 stay matte powders and this saved my life! I've dropped it so many times and it hasn't broke the cotton pad saved it and I'm so blessed. This will obviously work for any other compacted powder product and Is perfect to stop them from breaking while your traveling!

7. Before you splurge money, check for dupes! If you don't have too much more or don't like splurging on high end products you can easily search on the internet because there are so many amazing dupes that no one talks about and are so much cheaper. Sometimes even better so checking them out is always such a good idea!

8. Use a spoon for cut crease! This is one hack I haven't tried but I've seen people on Instagram use it and it seems to work, I definitely need to try it out because cut crease looks amazing and this is such s easy way to do it simply and get around it.

9. Use rubbing alcohol to fix broken powders. The worst thing is breaking makeup it's like breaking your own heart but u can be fixed! If you crush up the powder so it's fine dust, add a small amount of rubbing alcohol and press it in and if you leave it you will have a fixed compact! I didn't explain it well hut this is a well known hack so if you google it them I'm sure you'll find it!

10. Colour correct! It might seem like something that just adds to your makeup routine but it does help! Colour correction gets rid of and unwanted colour and helps cover everything under your makeup, it really is a extra set but it is worth it and honestly it looks cool putting purple concealer on let's be real!

So I hope you enjoyed me sharing some of my makeup hacks to try make your life easier, I hope you enjoy them and even try them out! There are alot of hacks I could use but didn't but maybe comment some of yours and we can have a chat!

Bailey ♡ xxx

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