♡ Blogmas day 4 - Top 9 Christmas films ♡

December 13, 2016

So hey guys! As this is my first Christmas blogging and I decided to try 12 days of blogmas! Christmas is one of my favourite times if the year so I hope you all keep up with my posts and enjoy what I'm doing, a lot of effort has gone into this and I'm so excited to share my Christmas excitement with you all so read away! These will go up at 5pm BST every other day so get excited!!

Sorry I took a mini break inbetween, I haven't been in the best place recently so I'm spending a lot of time on myself so I may slack on blogmas but I hope you all understand

For today I sharing with you some if my favourite Christmas films. Christmas is such a good time to settle down with friends and family and have days where you just chill and watch movies. There are so many amazing Christmas films but I gathered my top 9 films so let's get started!


1. Elf - Elf is a classic! It's honestly one of my favourite films of all time and everyone loves it! It gets watched so much and is such a happy film I love it so much I would watch it everyday if I could honestly like buddy the elf is my idol.

2. The grinch! This film has a lot of memories as I remember watching it a lot as a child and I just love it still! I love how different it is and the story it makes me so excited for Christmas every year.

3. A Christmas carol! Well this is such a classic, I used to watch it every year with school and my parents it just is one of the most Christmassy things I've ever seen I love the meaning behind it and the General story.

4. Love actually! Who doesn't love a romance at Christmas? Love actually ticks every box with the amazing cast and such amazing stories to create the prefect Christmassy film to watch on a night before sleeping.

5. Bridget Jones diaries! Well this isn't a Christmas film but it's one of my favourite films of all time and reminds me of Christmas every time with the first film. I watch it and gets me in the perfect Christmassy mood and makes me love Bridget more each time i watch it.

6. Home alone! Everyone watches all the home alone at Christmas it's like a rule of Christmas! My parents love it and they got me to love it too so I have to watch it every year.

7. Muppets Christmas carol! My little sister loves this one and gets us all watching it every year, the muppets are amazing and I just love it!

8. The holiday! Another Christmas romance you can't beat with amazing actors in. I love watching this its just amazing and funny and goes on every year.

9. Nativity! I love every one of these so much, we used to watch it on Christmas Eve and it's just so funny and I love the plot of it, I love love love it so much I'm honestly such a big kid I hope they make another because there just amazing

Christmas films are amazing! I hope you guys enjoyed reading this and I love these films too, I could have gone on but I wanted to keep it short and sweet!

Bailey ♡ xxx

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