♡ colourpop haul + swatches ♡

January 15, 2017

Hey guys! So after Christmas, me and afew friends decided to all put together and make a huge colourpop haul! Most of us had already wanted to order but putting it together saved us hassle and delivery fee.

When colourpop first shipped to the uk I placed an order myself and got an eyeshadow and a liquid lip and loved them both so much I had to make another order! between the 3 of us the order came to a grand total of £72 so I wanted to share what we got! As its a large order I am not going into detail just sharing with you the shade names and swatches. We wasn't charged delivery but annoyingly it got caught in customs and the fee was £21

So first of all I'm starting with the lip products we got, we got 1 lippe stick, 4 matte lips and 1 satin lip. also wanted to try a lip crayon and skimpy looked like a perfect nude and nudes are perfect, it has an amazing texture and does last! i already have a matte lip and i half to get more, the satin lip is defiantly worth it too. we ordered quite a few and the shades are around the same colour but their all amazing with an amazing formula, they really live up to the hype!

Next onto eyeshadows and a highlighter , I'm honestly in love with colourpop eyeshadows the pigment Is honestly unreal and the texture is amazing I had to order more and I can't wait to use them, the highlighter is out of this world,i 'm a huge highlighter lover and this looked amazing from the website and swatches and i 100% agree!

So I hope you enjoy this large haul with swatches and it might help you decide what to get from colourpop because they have amazing products and it is defiantly worth ordering from!

Bailey ♡ xxx

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