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February 26, 2017

There's no denying I love my glow. Highlighters are probably my favourite makeup product, I have my fair few amount of highlighters. They just make you glow and make a look complete every time.

One of my favourite things is discovering a new highlighter and like obsessing over it! They're are so many amazing highlighters out there, you just need to look and not be discouraged from the drugstore- they're some real gems in there, Most of my favourite highlighters come from the drugstore.

Powder highlighters are my favourite, I'm terrible at working with cream and liquids but I'm trying to work on it! You just need to try them all out and get a mixture, And I've developed a little but of that.

1. Let's start with the prettiest gold I've ever found, Makeup revolution vivid baked highlighter in gold lights.has such a blinding glow and is just so amazing. This is so affordable at only £3.

2. Next is such a beautiful pinky champagne and is very hyped about, the one and only Mac Soft and gentle! the colour is amazing, with such a lovely glow This highlighter is quite pricey but so worth it, defiantly a YouTube made me buy it!

3. Next may be a surprise but I tried it in the shop and just needed it! The new look pure colour baked highlighter powder in 70 light pink. this is one of the most blinding ones I've ever seen a, the  pinky white colour is stunning. The packaging has now changed but it's the same product with an around average price, so so worth buying it's a secret gem!

4. Next I had to include something from the best palette I own, moon child! Out of all of the amazing colours all I use the shade 'star' because it's such an amazing silver holographic colour. the glow is amazing and its so different compared to the rest of the colours.

5. finally this is the newest highlighter i've got, colour pop super shock cheek in flexitarain. the formula is something else, its half cream and half powder with the most blinding white champagne glow.

i hope you guys enjoy reading this and it makes you go out and buy one of these because they're amazing and everyone needs to try them!

bailey ♡xxx

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