♡ Q&A 3 ♡

February 13, 2017

Hey guys! So after quite busy month of january (and not posting in febuary so far), I decided to take a step back and chill with a Q&A to help you guys get to know me better! I asked on Twitter and here's what you guys asked me!

To start with, Laura asked me - what made you decide to start a blog?

Well there isn't much of a story for this, i would tell my best friend i wanted to do it for maybe 6 months before i did it and i finally bit the bullet in march and made on.

Mal asked me - your fav song to listen to?

that changes a lot, it either depends on my mood or what i'm listening to like at the moment i love build god then we'll talk by Panic! at the disco.

Cait asked me  - what is your my Favourite album?

I really cant pick a favourite, i love a fever you cant sweat out by panic! at the disco, Badlands by Halsey or sounds good feels good by 5sos.

Marie asked me - what is favourite book or film of all time?

i love reading way too much to choose a favourite since i've read a lot of books over the past 4 years and i don't watch enough films to pick a favourite but i do love love, Rosie and Niomi and ely's no kiss list.

Zoe may asked me any tips on getting a blog going, or getting organised and posting regularly

I have found the best way is to have a schedule, plan months ahead even if you change but make sure you know what to pst so you're never out of ideas and always have a post pre written just incase you forget to post or it just isn't a good week.

lili asked me - what do you like about sunsets?

i genreally love sunsets but one of my favourite things is the colours, after a either good or bad day you can just be taken away for 10 minutes watching the colours and forgetting everything

jess asked me - if you could go live in one place in the world for a year, where would you go?

New York 100% i love it so so much!

so i hope you enjoyed this, hopefully it didn't bore anyone!

bailey ♡ xxx

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