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March 19, 2017

Productivity is such a strange thing, sometimes it there other times it not, it can really just go off moods. I am not a very motivational person and am quite lazy but I do try be productive. It's something I love and embrace when it's there but I slump when it isn't there.

Once I am productive though I get though so much! I love being productive and motivated because it can just make a difference to your day, it makes me feel happier and better about life. There a lot of ways that can be productive because it surely doesn't happen overnight and these are just some things I've found that make me way more productive and ready to get though the day!

To start with, one way thing that helps is having a tidy space! I love rooms being tidy and can't stand to be in mess so a tidy room is like a tidy mind. Just a tidy environment can make me so relaxed and calm!

Happiness is key when it comes to motivation and productivity so one of my main things to remember is Do more things that makes you happy! If you're not happy you're not gonna be productive so you need to work on your happiness first before anything

To me goals are everything. I like to know I'm working towards something and not just doing things for the sake of it so I if inf having goals - could be weekly, monthly or yearly helps me because it reminds me I'm not doing everything for nothing and is a sense of motivation to the things that I do, like school I'm motivated to do my GCSEs to fat somewhere in later Life and be successful!

I am quite a forgetful person so everything I need to do I write on a list because I know if I've wrote it down it isn't something I need to remember  so I can just clear my head, stay calm and relaxed for the night or till whenever I need to complete my lists.

I'm at the terrible point where I sleep between 1 - 4 am and I really have messed up my sleeping pattern, but if I want to have a productive day I always make sure I'm having an early and relaxing night so I'm all ready for the day to come. Sleeping is so important and I know I should sleep way way more but I just end up staying up doing other things, I'm trying to sort it!

Call me old school but I'm a writer, I love writing everything down - my feeling, though and worries! It's like I'm getting it all out to myself and not being judged, it's just there so I do sometimes keep a diary or daily journal because it's nice to see the progress or down fall and see where is needed to improve!

So I hope some of these tips work for you guys! I find them amazing and it always helps me out!

Bailey ♡ xxx

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  1. I as well like to write everything down. I feel like I remember stuff better that way. This post gave me few tips so thanks:)

    1. Writing things is always a good idea! I'm glad it helped you! X

  2. Writing things down is so important - I can't think properly unless I write a list.


  3. Me either! Lists are amazing to remind me what to do. they can help put my mind to ease and help me focus on other things that are current or just calm me down generally!


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