♡ 5 cities to visit in the next 5 years ♡

April 08, 2017

Today in English is such a beautiful day. It made me thing - why not celebrate the lovely weather and talk about such a extraordinary thing? Travelling is such an amazing. The idea you can hop on a plane drive in a car, or get on a train and go to another amazing city across the world or just a distance away  and have the time of your life, this is something I'd love to do. I'm a very homey person who loves the cold and I do love staying in my own surroundings but there are places I'd love to visit

In 5 years time, I'm going to be 19 (this is CRAZY to think) and I hope to do some traveling before my adult years really kick off. As much of a home bird I am I do enjoy exploring (not that I do as much) so it's something I'd love to do. There are a millions of  difference places to go in the world but there are specifically 5 places on the top of small list.

1. New York. The big apple - the city where dreams come true. You need to start with the best! Ever since I was younger I've always dreamed of going to New York - the fashion, the shopping, the big city. Everything about New York screams just where I want to be and I hope to go there soon. It's the city I would write about in school and always dream about.

2. Paris. The city is beautiful! With the Eiffel tower and the beauty of France what isn't there to love about Paris. It's such a beautiful place and every girl dreams to go and shop in Chanel them go to a Little cafe and eat macarons - just like the movies and this was like the ultimate goals for 10 year old me.

3. LA. This city seems like one of the happiest places on earth, it has so many iconic places and just seems so happy! Like New York, the shopping would be amazing, since america is so different to the uk visiting around America would be so amazing to see how they life. LA just seems amazing for everything about it, you never hear bad things about the city of angels.

4. Rome. Italy is a place I've always heard about since I was younger and I've just always wanted to go. I never know why but the city itself just seems beautiful and amazing to go visit and sightsee all the beauty!

5. Sydney. Finally the place furthest away from home and the opposite to everything I like and would enjoy but the city is just somewhere everyone wants to go. The lifestyle is so different and it just would be an experience visiting and travelling around Australia!

Well I hope you enjoyed finding out the places I wanna go to and reading my really bad explanations!

Bailey ♡ xxx

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  1. Usually when people make lists like this I've only been to one place out of the lot but I've actually been to all of these and they're great choices! Definitely come to Australia too, hopefully you like it here :)

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. They are places I'd love to go! Even though everyone probably agrees and this list is rather stereotypical, I'm just a city girl. I would love to go to them all, hopefully I'm ticking New York and Paris off next year!


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