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May 13, 2017

Nobody is perfect, everyone has habits, some good and some bad, recently I've been realised some of my bad habits - things that I will need to overcome to help me be the happiest and best version of myself.

I was reading one of my favourite bloggers, 'thirteen thoughts' (you should all go check her out) and I just got inspired by her '7 habits to quit to become successful' post, it made me think the things that I should give up to help become the best version of myself, almost made me realise things I need to change to make my life more positive, so I chose my 5 worse habits.

1. Saying 'I'm sorry' at everything - I am that person that if someone bumps into me I'll apologise or if someone's upset the first thing I say is 'I'm sorry'. I don't know why I do it but I apologise at everything and my parents always say it's just a part of being polite and overly British. But it gets to the point where my friends always have to tell me to stop saying sorry, I need to control who I say I'm sorry to and realise when I don't need to say it

2. Self doubt - another major thing I do is don't believe in myself, I just don't think I'm capable in things I really am. It doesn't help I've never been surrounded by people who believe in me till recently but I always thing I can't do things that I can, like I though I couldn't do a test but I ended up with top marks in my class. I need to just believe in myself alittle more and realise I can do it.

3. Procrastinating - this is surely a talent of mine by now, I either get distracted too easily, will completely avoid the things I need to do till it gets to complete last minute or just go on my phone and forget about it. But either way they all end up leaving me stressing about everything and anything. I need to just get on with things straight away and be more motivated, so it's out of the way as soon as possible!

4. Giving up easily - I have an attitude where 'if I don't understand it I'm wasting my time' and it's such a bad way to think, I never push myself to the limits and just give up when things get hard, I am rarely determined enough to stick to things when it gets harder but I need to Learn to do it because everything isn't easy, you need to get though the hard parts for it to get easy, work hard for it to reward you.

5. Letting fear rule over - finally one of the most recent and most personal habit of this list, the fear. Things I'm not going to go into have gone on in my personal life recently and i seem to be getting so scared of little things, not taking opportunities incase something happens and thinking of the worst thing that could happen, I need to just get more courage and be willing to take risks, willing to do things and not let the fear take over because I can do it, no matter what it is I'm a strong enough person to do it- I just need to learn to believe it.

The first step to getting out of these habits is realising then, accepting them and figuring out what i need to change and I have that covered, I hope reading back on this post I will have stopped these habits, I hope it gives you a motivational like speech because anyone can change anything if they really put they're mind to it.

Bailey ♡ xxx

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  1. I've realised I appoligse for things that aren't my fault too - I need to stop doing this.


    1. Me too! All my friends pick up on it and get annoyed at me

  2. I have a lot of the same habits actually, but I agree the first step in changing them in recognising them! x


  3. It is! If you don't realise what you need to change than no change will take place!


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