♡ makeup revolution ultra contour palette review ♡

June 24, 2017

Drugstore makeup is so underrated sometimes. It's where we all start but can forget about. I have recently been sticking to the occasional high end treat and not really buying drugstore makeup but I was sucked into the Superdrug website and found this gem of a product.

 I haven't done a review on a drugstore product but I should. They're such amazing jems in the drugstore no one talks about (wow - future post idea) I feel like this deserves it. I just love new makeup generally and I'm excited to branch out on new brands I've never tried

Onto branching out, this is the first contour kit I've got. I've wanted one for awhile and Afew of my friends recommended this and I had to give it a go! It just looked beautiful and was so affordable. Makeup revolution is such an amazing drugstore brand so I had my high hopes. These hopes were met defiantly!

I'd rate this palette 10/10 because it's just amazing, there isn't a fault about it and I love it. The packaging for it is sleek, black and shiny with rose gold writing as the logo which is beautiful, it has a large mirror I really do like it! I love everything about the size, the shape and feels really good quality!

 The price is one of the best things about this, for the the kit with the 8 powders it cost £8; essentially £1 per pan! I was blown away with this because it's so amazing, it's so affordable for beauty on a budget or just finding a drugstore jem, generally the whole of makeup revolution is amazing I haven't tried a bad product from then.

 So this palette contains 8 powders - 5 of the 8 powders are matte, 1 of them is satin finish, 2 of them are baked highlighters. With three contour shades, three lighter highlight / powder shades and two the baked highlighters. I think for someone as pale as me, this is such a lovely selection of colours to choose from with a different selection!

 Sadly the shades don't have names but going from left to right, starting with the powdery
shades 1 - very light beige with peach undertones
 2 - light yellow
3 - very light peach with satin glowy finish
4 - bright white shimmery baked highlighter shade
 5 - medium warm brown
6 - cool toned medium brown
7 - slightly darker medium brown
8 - cool toned bronzy baked highlighter with satin finish

 The formula of the powders is silky, almost buttery and soft so they blend amazing on the face and look just beautiful!

 This palette is so usable, affordable perfect for pale skin and such amazing quality, I don't think you can get better than it really I would recommend this to everyone! If you want to take one thing from my blog - it's definitely everyone needs this palette in their lives

 Bailey ♡ xx

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  1. I have always wanted to try this, it looks amazing!!! The shades come out so dark and I love it! Great blog post lovely xxx

    1. You should defiantly try it, I love it! They are so pigmented and beautiful. Thank you! Xx

  2. I have this palette! I never use it but the only times I did, I loved it! xx corinne

    1. You really should use it more often, it's amazing! Xx

  3. Looks gorgeous!


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