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June 11, 2017

Over the past year I've been on such a primer hunt. I've discovered drugstore primers are a no for me and just don't work (or the ones I've tried Atleast, I'll have to give more of them a go) so I've had lots of minis of high end primers and I've been experimenting with them, finding my favourites and I have found some amazing ones - I haven't looked back since!

Primer is one of the key things in my makeup routine, without my primer NOTHING would last, it's the base to build everything off, it's so needed and could effect your entire makeup without it. I can't go a day without it! I have recently narrowed it down to my favourite 4 and I can't wait to share them with you! They're plenty of more primers I can't wait to try and hopefully will be able to do a part two of this post, I personally think these are all worth the investment.

To start with is a primer I barely hear anyone talking about but they should, the Yves Saint Laurent Touche eclat blur face primer. This is my holy grail primer, I just adore it! It does exactly as it says and keeps my makeup on perfectly, I couldn't rave about it anymore!! But it's pricy for a primer and the most expensive of them all I'm pretty sure, luckily I got it free and used beauty points to pay for it. Overall I think it's worth it and everyone needs this in there life. 

Next I'm pretty sure anyone with an interest in beauty has heard the raves on that cult product the benefit Porefessional primer. This primer has had so much time in the spotlight over the years in the YouTube and blogging community and I see why, it does exactly as it says - minimises pores and keeps my makeup on all day, this primer is a lifesaver plus I love the feel of it on the skin, this has to be my second favourite primer 

This one is from a very hit and miss brand for me, I've found with bare minerals I aren't the biggest fan of certain protests but also some of my favourite come from there so it's a mixture really. The ---- primer is amazing! I've been using it the longest of these all and I always go back to it. It makes my face look and feel smooth but sometimes emphasises some pores around my nose but I can live with that. It just seems to be something I always go back to no matter what primers I like, I end up using this always! 

Finally I had to talk about the Charlotte tilbury wonderglow primer. I got this in a set and I love it, it's my least favourites of them all but I still like it, it helps my foundation look glowy and gives my skin a lift it needs making my makeup look beautiful, I feel like this would be amazing just for a glow on no makeup days too. Out of all the primers this has the worse staying power and my makeup can slightly budge wearing this but it's none the less an amazing primer, I still love using it! 

So I hope this inside on my favourite primers may have helped you and may even convince you to purchase any of them because they're all so worth it! Everyone needs a good primer so if you don't have one, you'll need to defiantly look more. 

Bailey xx 

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