♡ 30 things to do during the summer holidays ♡

August 05, 2017

Schools out, the holidays have started and everyone's so happy about the well earned break! No more tests or lessons or dealing with people you dislike for 6 weeks, what a treat! 

I'm so glad to be off & can't wait to have an amazing summer - relaxing, being with friends & so much more. But I was trying to pre plan some stuff and was thinking what I could do. Me and my friends were all idealess so I decided to look into it & developed a list of things to choose from! 

  1. Have a picnic in a local park 
  2. Get the train to a nearby city and explore 
  3. Go into town & shop 
  4. Have girly sleepovers 
  5. Have pamper days 
  6. Go for a coffee date 
  7. Go to the sea side 
  8. Go to local attraction 
  9. Go bowling 
  10. Bake something 
  11. Go to somewhere you've never been before  
  12. Try some DIY from the internet 
  13. Go for ice cream 
  14. Binge watch tv shows 
  15. Go outside & just enjoy the fresh air 
  16. Do something you wouldn't usually do 
  17. Go swimming 
  18. Visit an art gallery 
  19. Plan afternoon tea for your friends 
  20. Shop shop shop!! 
  21. Try something new 
  22. Go to the cinema 
  23. Find a somewhere new that'll become a favourite place 
  24. Go to a zoo 
  25. Spend some time relaxing 
  26. Have movie days 
  27. Go explore 
  28. Go to a fair (if one is on around you) 
  29. Read a book! 
  30. Have a summer campfire
I hope you do some of these ideas and it helps you have the best summer you can! Enjoy it whilst it's here!

Bailey xxx

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