♡ 2017 Christmas gift guide ♡

December 12, 2017

Hey guys! So I've missed blogging a lot but still want a break but I couldn't resist doing a small gift guide! Who doesn't love Christmas shopping?? Nothing is better than going into boots once all the Christmas gift sets come out. The brands never fail to do everything anyone could ever want! I love just finding things for me or what my friends would love & I though they'res so many little bits people would love! Some of the sets are the best things you can buy are the little useful gifts or really cute gift sets. Everyone is so different so there are presents for everyone! 

To start with I wanted to talk about yeg baker earrings. I'm in love with ted baker earrings - they come in so many different styles I would buy them all! They're so dreamy and delicate - not overdoing it but just perfect! 

Another jewellery brand that is so dreamy is Olivia Burton! The watches are so delicate and pretty - so simple yet affective! The brand has so much recognition and deserves it I love the products so much and think it would make the perfect gift 

Everyone loves perfumes and I have such a typical scent - floral, flowery and sweet! One I think that everyone can't not love is victor & rolf flowerbomb! It's such a beautiful bottle with a beautiful scent. Everyone should be blessed enough to smell it 

I couldn't not include a glam glow facemask - they are so luxury and gorgeous I would love to own one. I've heard nothing but good things about the masks and feel like it would be such a treat for your skin and everyone deserves that! 

I was on a mission to find the most dreamy bushes and I think I found them - this iconic london brush set is so gorgeous, the brushes are so fluffy and the handle is so sleek, what more could you want than aesthetically pleasing brushes??  

Candles are just something everyone loves right?? I am a true Yankee candle fan but I've always wanted to try a Jo Malone candle, Christmas would be the perfect time to get one. The smells are divine and the packaging is so sleek, it's such an amazing gift. what's not to love about them? 

Christmas is a time for luxury and food, so what better way to combine than by getting some of the best chocolates ever? I'm so in love with charbonnel et walker pink champagne truffles and they make the prefect present for any chocolate lover at Christmas 

On the theme of luxury, all girls love lipsticks it's almost a fact and Charlotte tilbury are one of the most luxurious brands so combine the two and you have the most perfect lipstick for any girl could ask for! The packaging is so dreamy and the formula is amazing it's the perfect present 

Finally, who doesn't love a pamper?? Well soap and glory has us - they have realised the ultimate pamper box! I think this is one of the best presents you could get - its with so much, has so many products in everyone will use & who doesn't love soap & glory?? 

I don't have any of these items - but I'm really lusting over them! They're so dreamy and beautiful I do hope to get them! I hope this could help you guys with some ideas & I hope you all have a merry Christmas & get everything you want!! 

Bailey xx

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