♡ 2017 round up / New Years resolutions ♡

January 01, 2018

Hey guys! So my second year of blogging is complete and 2017 was certainly a year! I made friends, lost friends, had amazing memories but also some of the worst months of my life. It was certainly roller coaster of a year!

before we start, I'm sorry I stopped blogging regularly since summer, things weren't too good for personal reasons and I just had no motivation to write blogposts but I'm going to try get back into it for 2017 because I have missed blogging so much! I didn't want to force myself to blog so I stopped completly & wrote when I want to and I'm so glad! Blogging has brought so much productivity into my life and made me feel so happy, it means alot to me to know this little place I can come to write and people actually enjoy it!

I had such a personal journey thoughout this year, my mental health got so much better towards the back end, school got serious & I got my first boyfriend, just so much changed!! It was certainly a roller coster but I enjoyed every moment of it.

Blogging is a special thing with such an amazing community of lovely and kind people,  something everyone should experience because everyone is so lovely here and made blogging 10x better getting to see so many amazing people do well and support each other, i'm so glad to be apart of it.

So I hope you all enjoyed reading my soppy little rant thing so but I also wanted to share with you all my 'New Years revolution'. I'm not one to stick to things but I want to organise myself more and I'm going to do it, there's a few things I want to get from 2018 and here is a list of them!!

~ 2018 goals ~
  1. Get back into reading - read 50 books 
  2. Drink more water - keep up to it too !!!! 
  3. Have regular sort outs - stop hoarding 
  4. Keep up with revision  
  5. Focus on myself more - have more pamper nights & treat myself 
  6. Do more - have more days out with friends & family 
  7. Keep a normal sleeping pattern 
  8. Be happy - don’t stress over little things or care about things that aren’t important 
  9. Go to another concert 

I hope you enjoyed this and stick with me though 2018, let's try make it a year better year than last! 

Bailey xxx

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  1. So glad 2017 got better for you towards the end, I hope 2018 is the year all your goals and wishes come true x

  2. I love planning for the new year (or just any time really haha). Glad the year got better, those harder moments are always great for learning and growing.

    To New Years and continuing journeys! Cheers! :)


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