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February 01, 2018

 It’s back to that time of year, the day for the lovers; it’s Valentine’s Day! What better time to treat the people you love? Wether it’s for your boyfriend or a best friend getting them a little something can mean the world.

 Nothing can make the people you love happier than a little gift or a token of appreciation to just show them or remind them you love them! I guess there is a lot of love in the air on valentines day and why not spread it? I was thinking of some of the cliche but thoughtful and sweet gifts people would appreciate (eg me) so I though I’d share some of my favourites and inspire you guys of its a boy shopping for their girlfriend, friends shopping for friends because I mean girl power is the best!

 Well that obvious that are here are the pandora charms, the pandora ring and the lush bath bombs because what girls don’t love these? Pandora is such a lovely brand for the a present of any occasion especially showing someone how much they mean to you.

 Next is chocolates and one of my favourite brands is Lindt, the boxes are dreamy, that chocolate tastes so luxurious and rich I lobe how it melts in your mouth, I could eat a box now!

 One idea I love particularly and would love to do is a hamper gift, like filling up a hamper with your partner or friends favourite things, like this can work for anyone on any occasion and I bet they’d love it because sometimes little useful presents are so much better than anything else. The hampers can have themes or just filled with random stuff it’s really your choice!

 Onto one thoughtful gift to make someone is the ‘open me when...’ letters! I think this is one of the sweetest things you could do for a sentimental person because they’ll appreciate it so much & just knowing that when they are feeling however so they almost have a part of their partner with them!

 Another thoughtful gift would be to make the other a ‘our love story’ scrapbook with just memories of dates, special occasions & even just photos together to show how much you love them and let them finish filling it out - it’ll be something they’ll treasure for all the relationship and be able to look back on.

 So I hope these little gifts were helpful but it’s really the though that counts, not materialist like I know I’d appreciate the thoughtful gifts so much more sometimes. but these are some gifts ideas I know me & my girl friends would love to receive!

 Bailey ♡ xxx

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