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March 17, 2018

I was doing my casual blogger reading and whilst binge reading pint sized beauty (who you should totally check out!!) I saw her do this post and I thought it was an amazing idea!

 When it comes to beauty habits as you say, some I’m consistent at like skincare routine but others not really so much. I have some habits I do stick with and others I do. Thinking about it, the habits I don’t stick with aren’t good for my skin so it needs to change.there are so many habits I could adapt to! I started to see how it would benefit my skin and they’re all worth doing, so I started a list!

 Wear SPF!! I know it’s still winter but it’s vital as soon as it gets warmer to wear an spf under your makeup just to protect your skin from any uv rays or sunlight. This will help prevent wrinkles too which is never too early to start!

 I want to use more chemical exfoliators! The beauty industry is really coming up with new styles of products. One thing people are using in skincare are good acids and using them in serums, washes and exfoliators and I’d love to try them! They really help deep cleanse the skin and get right into the pores whereas scrubs only get in the surface so it could really help my skin.

 Another thing that’s not as beauty related they I want to do is using more hair care. I’ve never looked after my hair as much as I could - I’ll be lazy and use 2 in 1 and the best care I’ve done for it is using heatproof spray. Recently I’ve stated using oils but I’d love to use masks and more hair care products like investing in shampoo & conditioners that’ll really benefit my hair. 

The most disgusting thing I do is not washing my brushes. I’ll go months without washing them and this is something I want to change. I never think about the bacteria that’s stored in the brissles but thinking about it there’s so much & it’s really off putting. My skin is the thing I’m working on clearing up the most and if my brushes aren’t clean I’m just putting bacteria on so I want to try wash them every few weeks!

 Theres so many more habits I wanna use and it really made me realise how little I try new things! After all every day new trends are being discovered and they really do work. Maybe 2018 will be my year to change that?

 Bailey ♡ xxx

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  1. You need to try and wash your brushes at least once every couple of week hun, they will cause so much damage to your skin otherwise. I used to never ever clean my makeup brushes and it caused my skin to really irritate and even caused breakouts and infections. It is so underestimated but it is so crucial and important to clean them consistently x

  2. This is a pretty good list. I like the habits and I see where you're going with it 😊😊😊


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