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March 14, 2018

Sadness is an awful feeling. It’s something that we all suffer from - wether it is caused by something or someone or just comes out of nowhere we all get sad. It’s a really awful situation to be in no matter what what reason and all you wanna do is curl up in a ball and get into bed!

 Sometimes that is the best thing to do really! Sometimes everyone needs a day to themselves for just abit of self care to get though the feelings because they’re awful and no one deserve to feel that way. Everyone has different ways of coping with sadness or whatever awful feeling you’re feeling but being no stranger to it - ive found some of my favourite comforting ways to deal with it.

 Chocolate is by far my favourite treat and whenever I’m feeling sad I always go to my 2 favourite chocolates (which I’ll always have atleast 1 in the house just incase) of galaxy, lindt and charbonnel et walker. I’m not a massive comfort eater but it sure does help me feel better.

 Another thing I personally enjoy is reading books. I love binge reading books that interests me and where I end up getting so lost in the writing - the lives of the characters and the fantasy world. I cry, I laugh and I get annoyed because I get so into reading books it always brightens my mood when I can do it.

 Shopping sure does make me happy. Wether it’s online or Instore I love falling in love with new things - clothes, makeup, skincare or just bits and bobs. I think it’s such a distracting light thing to do and you can do it from the comfort of your own store or take on the high street. It always cheers me up to lust over things (even if you’re never to have them)

 Taking the time of your day to stick a pair of headphones in, drink a hot drink and just focus on the music can put you at ease. The feeling of getting lost in music is so relaxing and will surely help distract of brighten your mood (depending on what types of songs you listen to that is as they really can dictate emotions)

 This really can put everything from this list under one umbrella but nothing is better than pampering yourself. Self care is so important and having a nice bubble baths, afew sweet treats and good Netflix show than moisturising and doing skincare can do the world of good.

All of these are different forms of self care - mentally, physically and physiologically but sometimes the physical is what you need. Feeling better in yourself can help you feel mentally better and this is one of the most important things you should take from this post. No matter how bad things are, self care can always help improve it and it’s so important. Just remember everything will get better and you will be happy soon

 Bailey ♡ xxx

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  1. Hi girl
    This is a really nice read
    I must admit i do love a bit of online shopping, especially makeup, when I'm sad lol. I love lighting a candle to and just having a little pamper day sometimes when i feel down.
    I'm looking forward to reading more blog hun.
    Lots of love
    Roxy x

    1. Thank you & it’s a wierd habit I’ve noticed I do too & doing all these made me happy! Xx

  2. Love your blog! Very pretty. And who doesn't need some useful ideas for getting rid of sadness?

  3. Great post. I tend to end chocolate when I’m sad ... or I watch sad videos, which has a weird way of making me less sad.


  4. Hot shower or bath while listening to music and then a cup of tea always makes me feel better.

  5. Lovely post! Hot bubble baths are definitely my thing for when I feel like this x

  6. Great post. When I’m sad I watch cartoons and cuddles with my kids eat ice in bed.. it really helps my babies have the best cuddles lol normally picks me up in no time.

  7. This is such a lovely idea as a post and I really enjoyed reading it xx

  8. I LOVE eating chocolates and watching my favorite shows to get me out of my funk. It really helps if the shoe is comedy because I'm forced to laugh. Awesome tips!


  9. Mmm chocolate and self-care. The perfect combo to get out of a rut! I know for me it's all about just getting up and moving. The gym always helps. Sometimes it just takes me five minutes of being sad and then forcing myself to get up and do anything!! Love this post!

  10. Aww I love this! Being sad happens all of the time, we all just need to realise when to take a break and give ourselves some self-care! I 100% would eat a bar of chocolate (or four) and shop to my hearts content! ��

  11. It's important to have a variety of coping strategies to get you through rough times, and these are great ones. I also love dark chocolate, especially with a relaxing cup of herb tea.

  12. Hi Bailey! Great post. We all need a little self care now and then! I'm definitely with you on the chocolate as partial cure, for sure one of my go-tos :)


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