♡ 50 ways to practise self care ♡

April 11, 2018

Self care is so important! We go though so much with our physical, social and mental health that when it comes to it we need to look after ourselves!! In society now days, so many people suffer from mental health problems, are stressed with school, are suffering or just need a break. Self care isn't just about pampering yourself it has so much to it, all I wanna do is help people and I was thinking of 50 ways to practise self care and I came up with this.

  1. Just have an early night
  2. Have a relaxing bubble bath
  3.  Do a facemask 
  4.  Enjoy the little things 
  5. Turn off your phone 
  6.  Moisturise
  7. Don't doubt yourself - get a positive mindset
  8. Read a book 
  9.  Binge watch your favourite tv show
  10.  Drink some water
  11.  Light a candle
  12.  Do something you've been avoiding 
  13. Eat chocolate
  14.  Read through quotes 
  15.  Listen to your favourite songs
  16.  Have some time alone Just think - it isn't always a bad thing 
  17.  Speak to people who make you happy 
  18. Reconnect with old friends 
  19.  Pamper yourself
  20.  Just take a day to yourself if you need to
  21.  Make lists of everything that make you happy
  22.  Buy yourself flowers 
  23.  Don't bottle anything up
  24.  Take a nap 
  25.  Plan the future 
  26. set yourself goals
  27.  Declutter things
  28.  Do something creative 
  29.  Stop everything and just chill 
  30.  Look though old photos of good memories 
  31.  Go shopping & Treat yourself
  32.  Do what makes you happy 
  33. Get up early
  34.  Do something new 
  35.  Cuddle someone
  36.  Let your hair down
  37.  Think of all the good things in your life
  38.  Just smile 
  39. Bake 
  40.  Fine something that makes you laugh
  41.  Go for a walk
  42.  Play with a dog
  43.  Wear soft warm & comfortable clothes 
  44. Write down a list of things you love about yourself 
  45.  Compliment someone 
  46.  Put makeup on just for fun
  47.  Do that thing you've been putting off for days
  48.  Just breathe
  49.  Go out with your friends 
  50.  Be spontaneous
 I really do hope this helps atleast one person, who might need to because looking after yourself is so important and we all need to do it more often because I know I don't do it as much as I should! Maybe I see a New Years revolution coming...

 Bailey ♡ xx

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  1. I like tour tips, these are very helpful!

  2. These are such lovely self-care ideas and things that we should all definitely make more of a conscious effort to implement into our daily/weekly routines.

    Jade xo | www.simplyjadey.co.uk

  3. great post bailey! i'll deffo refer back to this when im down! i dont usually practice much self care, self care for me is usually brushing my hair or having a shower in my sad episodes haha! ebony http://smilerofdestiny.blogspot.com/


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