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April 25, 2018

One of my favourite things is to smell nice. I love smells - anything that smells nice draws me in like food, shops, people and even products. I’m a person who lusts over smells. I have smells that remind me of certain times and people and growing up, recognising my family’s fragrances was very comment and just one smell can bring back so many memories for me.

 Going into boots I always gravitate to the fragrance counters and the first proper fragrance I got as a ‘tween’ was Marc Jacob daisy eau so fresh. I feel like every girl loves Marc Jacobs as they’re timeless yet still amazing fragrances! I recognise them when people wear them and they’re just smells girls recognise. It was definitely a memorable smell for me.

 But as I grew up a-little bit I’d smell the luxury perfumes - Chanel, Dior & Prada, Till one day I stumbled along YSL. I still remember the first day I smelt black opium and I knew it would my favourite. I was drawn to the smell as it’s fruity and floral yet sexy at the same time and just something about it makes me fall in love every time I smell it.

 Fast forward to my 13th birthday I got the fragrance and it is what I call my scent. I wear it for special occasions and only associate good memories with it. I’m into my second bottle now (which my mum kindly bought me in duty free) and I just think this will be the smell of my teenage years and hopefully adult years if i don’t find another. I just think having one smell that just makes you happy is so important for helping you feel confident and happy with yourself too.

 I think one day everyone finds their smell, the one scent everyone associates with them-self of their family members remember them for just smelling it. It’s like a thing that doesn’t happen purposely! I know for all my friends I have a scent I associate with. I’d love to know what other people love!

 Bailey ♡ xxx

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