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April 28, 2018

 Sales are a godsend. I’m not sure who decided to make them a thing but I’m really happy they did. What’s not to love about them?

 You save money and get what you want so it’s a win win situation. Some of me favourite clothing websites (pretty little thing, misguided, boohoo) are always offering ways to save money so why not jump to them??
 One thing everyone should do is wait. Wait until a good deal comes available so you don’t spend like £20 on a top than a 20% off code comes on the next day. Don’t wait forever but always give it afew days because free delivery could come too and you can end up saving. Trust me you’ll thank me later.

When shopping in the sale section, one thing I made sure I do is narrow down search options. Select your size ( 6 in my case) to avoid disappointment if a gorgeous top isn’t in your size because the times I don’t do this, I’ll find something I love in a size too big and it’s really upsetting so narrowing it down avoid that.

Websites all offer ways to shop. Best sellers, most wanted, a-z and so many other ways to shop. Personally I always go low-high! This is a good way to find any cheap bargain items or sale items you want. Basically anything cheap and cheerful you’ll find first. I think it’s so much easier to shop this way. Most websites now have realised wishlists are a need. They’re a good way of keeping all the clothes you want and being able to find them in one place.

Another bonus is that when sales hit, you’ll be able to check if the item you want are there! This makes sale shopping easy because it’s instant things you want & you’ll have them in your size so it’s a sign to buy what you want.

Finally, even though sales knock money off your total price, some discount codes still do work. Free delivery, even more discount off sometimes does work so it’s always worth googling codes or from the website to try them on the site to see if they work.

 Nothing is better than finding new hacks, especially if they help you save money & time whilst getting new clothes. If you know any sales hacks / tips & tricks, please share them with me because I’d love to know more!

 Bailey ♡ xxx

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  1. Great hacks!

    Veronica | https://styleandtellblog.wordpress.com/

  2. These are some good tips! I get e-mails so often with promo codes, but it makes me spend more money, as you think you're saving but actually you're buying something you didn't need in the first place, haha! I've unsubscribed from most of these e-mails now ;-)

    Also, that card holder looks so beautiful! I recently picked up a similar one from YSL, it was such a splurge but it's just so pretty :D

    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog  

    1. Thank you & same! This was my birthday present & honestly I love it. YSL is a gorgeous brand x


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