♡ Kat Von D everlasting liquid lipstick review ♡

June 02, 2018

 After forever and I Day, I finally tried Kat Von D. They opened a counter in Debenhams earlier last year and it’s took me so long to buy something even though I’ve wanted to try something for so long.

 I ended up with a liquid lipstick Personally I don’t buy maybe lip products but my favourite liquid lipstick has ran out and I wanted to try a different brand & formula. I was drawn to Kat Von D as I’ve heard nothing but good reviews about them so I craved into the hype.

 One of my favourite things about this Product is the packaging. Kat Von D is an amazing artist do it makes her packaging so original and unique as they’re her own drawings, making the product so gorgeous I love it . The box and the liquid lipstick tube are the same so I was so drawn to it so much more.

 It was reasonably priced too at £17. I think this is good for a high end brand and worth the quality because you get along of product in the slim tube so I really do think it’s worth it.

 The shade is called ‘ludwig’ and described as a ‘warm fawn’ shade which I agree with. It’s a warm tone nude that’s really casual and soft to wear on the daily and can be snazzed up too! The pigment is really strong and the shade is exactly what I want.

 As a bonus too, this product is vegan & cruelty free too! It lasts so long when I wear it (aside from eating) has a gorgeous formula - soft and velvety and dried down matte but a comfortable matte to wear. The formula is ‘packed with natural moisturisers including vitamin E and sunflower seed wax’ as the website says which is another bonus.

I really think this liquid lipstick is worth trying. Kat Von D seems like an amazing brand and I’m in love with this liquid lipstick honestly, it’s everything you’d ever want in one. They have an amazing shade range and are amazing I just love them. I’d love to go and try more products because I’ve heard nothing bad about them. 

Bailey ♡ xxx

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  1. I love the shade! I've never tried any of her products but I love how they look!
    Sophy x | www.lifewithsophy.com

    1. Me too! You shoukd definitely they're worth it! X


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