♡ why kindles are worth it ♡

June 13, 2018

 For my birthday, my auntie surprised me with a kindle. This is something I’d never really though to get even though I am a book lover but once I got it, I’ve been hooked ever since

 I fell in love with it instantly. It brought my love for reading back to life as it’s encouraging me to read so much more and I’m so glad for it. Reading is something I really enjoy so I’m glad I want to. I think to anyone considering a kindle they should get it. I really do think they’re worth it.

 To start with they’re so convinent! You can put them in your bag and take them anywhere. They’re so lightweight they take up no room in your bag and being small they fit in any bag. This makes me wanna read more as they are easier than books so I am more likely To read.

 They’re also cheaper! It’s an investment and you can find 99p books when deals come on. This leads to reading a bigger variety of books as the price is so low you’re bound to buy them more and discovering new authors. This is something I enjoy as I love certain writing styles so reading more by authors is always a plus!

 I think it’s easier to read too. This is since my my back hurts a lot so with my kindle I can get cosy in my bed and read it instead of having to sit up and slouch like I naturally do. This makes me wanna get into bed earlier and snuggle up with my kindle so I sleep earlier than.

 I never did think I’d get drawn into the world of a kindle but the more books I read on it, the more I love it. I think everyone should try it even if you’re loyal to books like I was, as it can change you. They make reading so much easier and enjoyable. This is not to say a paperback every once in awhile isn’t enjoyed.

Bailey ♡ xxx

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  1. I totally get the benefits of kindle and I have often toyed with the idea of buying one. It's just that I love paper books and maybe I'm traditional. I think it will be a while before I make the switch.

  2. I completely see what you mean & I know but it’s stolen me over xx

  3. I think there's nothing better than flicking through the pages of a book, but at the same time I'm lured in by the fact that you can get books so much cheaper!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  4. I've been considering buying one as I have way too many physical books and keep on moving around, which is really inconvenient! Do you happen to know what the right brand is to take? It sounds like you're perfectly happy with yours?


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