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August 01, 2018

Now school work has calmed down, I decided to stick myself into my blog head first - to work on the best content I can and grow it. Spoiler alert it’s benefitted my blog so much. I’ve been using twitter to promote and it’s grown so much, like I I’m so shocked how quickly it’s happening! I’m so happy with how it’s grown and how everything has shot up. It’s making me so happy how it’s going up and up, really inspiring me more.

With all this time where school is calming down (it’ll get hectic in September again you’ll notice) there’s no better time then the present! For the first time in my 2 years of having my blog, I decided to set myself some goals. I’ve always saw it as a hobby and wanted it to grow but for some reason I’ve had an urge for it to grow so so much more and what better way to do this then set goals??

 I’ve decided to do 2 separate categories, monthly and yearly. I only started this in July so there isn’t many goals, which is why I’m centring the post around my August goals but including my July ones to show how my blog has changed over the month. It really lays out the starting point for me and July is how far id like to grow

 July goals ♡
 - update my blog format / make the little changes I want
 - Reach 100 bloglovin followers - Aim for around 100 page views per day
 - Over the month, get 2,000 page views
 - Put ads on my blog
 - Buy my domain for my blog

 Overall in the month, I hit 5/6 of these goals over the month!! I’m so happy about this, I didn’t expect to hit as many as I did as this is my first month of putting 1000% in my blog. You can tell I have and it’s really paid off - the feelings of proudness and happiness I’ve had over this month seeing my blog grow has made me so happy. I honestly did so much better then I expected - I went wayyyyy past these goals over the month which has honestly made me me so happy as I did not expect to do this well.

 August goals ♡
 - Reach 160 bloglovin followers
 - hit 2,500 twitter followers
- Aim for around 100 page views per day (month 2)
 - Over the month, get 5,000 page views
 - Use Pinterest as a traffic source
 - Figure out affiliate links
 - Make a media kit

 These are the things I’d like to achieve for the month! Since July was a success I tried to aim high yet be reasonable about it. Honestly these are some huge numbers (to me!) and it would be a dream to hit them. My biggest focus is promoting and growing my blog at the moment and I’m doing well at it and I can only get better. Each month I’m going to set myself a focus on my blog and I’m going to try go for it.

 End of year ♡
 - Constantly post twice a week
 - Reach 250 bloglovin followers
 - Reach 50,000 page views
 - Hit 4,000 twitter followers
 - Have worked with 1 brand
 - Go self hosted
 - Sign up for the blogger programme
 - Do blogmas this year! (failed past 2 years)

 These are the biggest goals that I really would love to hit by the end of the year. I am gaining so much motivation knowing I’ve something to work towards. I’m honestly not expecting to hit any of them because they’re really big (for me I think atleast) and are aiming for a lot - it could be too much at the moment, but if you can’t set big goals, what are you working towards??

 I’m so happy I decided to set myself goals, I feel like it’ll motivate me more knowing I’m working towards something and I get so excited to hit my goals. It drives me to work harder and helps me enjoy blogging more. Let’s see what the rest of the year brings!

 Bailey ♡ xxx

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  1. Wao! Amazing..the first step towards achieving any goal is to jot it down. Its half way done then. Nice to read your goals.And am sure you will be working towards them & achieving them. All the Best.👍

  2. It's so lovely to be seeing your blog grow! I've been doing the same since being off uni, my goal for this month is to get a post planned every week for the rest of the year. I hope you manage to reach all of your August goals & well done for getting so many July goals smashed!! It's so inspiring to see fellow bloggers flourishing x

  3. Love that you’ve achieved all your goals and set new ones for the month! I think it helps so much writing them down and putting them out to people aswell, so much more motivating!
    Georgia x // www.georgialeanne.wordpress.com

  4. Hi, my beautiful, hope you achieve all your goals.
    Visita my blog https://stephanystory.com

  5. Fingers crossed that you reach your goals babe. It's amazing seeing your blog grow & grow! Good luck!!

    Dena | The Dena Edit | Beauty Giveaway | Bloglovin xo

  6. Congratulations on reaching 5 out of 6 monthly goals for July!!!
    I'm sure August will be just as successful!
    Good luck for the preparation of your Blogmas, I'm sure you can do it!
    You have definitely enough motivation to reach all your goals! (even the yearly ones!).
    Have a successful journey with your blogging goals!!

  7. You have set some great goals and it sounds like you are well on your way to meeting them too! I look forward to following your progress in future posts!

  8. Congrats on meeting your July goals! Good luck for August!

    Sarah xxx

  9. Use canva to make your media kit. I’m trying affiliate links in my next blog post just a book nothing big. Your goals are attainable and I know you are going to crush them! I love your blogs! They’re amazing. Your writing is just great. I enjoy reading your work.

    1. I deffo will! I want to dk that too. You’re so sweet thank you x

  10. Good luck with your goals for the rest of the year! I always find having things to focus on really helps me stay motivated <3

    G is for Gingers xx

  11. Well done you for setting some goals for your blog & being so positive! I wish you all the luck with it :) x x
    Ellis // http://www.elliswoolley.co.uk

  12. Yep gotta add, I think self-hosted is definitely worth it as well! It was a little confusing at first but I got help with making the switch and it made things so much easier :)

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  13. So so great to see your progress! And love how specific your goals are. It's definitely going to help.

    If you're on a mission to find out more about Pinterest and Affiliate Marketing, those are actually things that I blog about and teach! You can check out my blog www.thesheapproach.com or just DM me your questions on Twitter.

    I'd love to help out!

    1. Thank you! Thank you, I’ll check it out x


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