♡ Romwe first impressions ♡

July 23, 2018

On a wim, me and my first decided to place a romwe order. When we did it, we didn’t know if it was the stupidest thing I’ve done or worth it but we were excited. We’d looked though their website and saw so many gorgeous clothes! It was hard to narrow it down but we did!

 After looking though the website and finding so much I loved, I narrowed it down to 2 items! I got a floral crop top and a stripped 2 piece. It cost £13.50 together, added 99p insurance and luckily got free delivery! The insurance was something that made me feel so much better about ordering it too. 

For delivery, it took exactly a week for it to come which surprised me, I honestly expected it to take so much longer. I was lucky I avoided paying £5 for delivery with a code as I spend a set amount. It came in a basic plastic bag and products in plastic bags but with no ordee confirmation or return slip which confused me.

Onto the products, so when they came I was pleasantly surprised! Both my top and co ord fit me perfectly! The material isn’t the best but I didn’t expect much, it’s still wearable and would last I think. The sizing is pretty true to what it claims. I got a small and they fit well but my friend got a medium and that was too small so be careful. They actually look like they did on the website.

Overall I’m honestly so impressed and I would definitely order off romwe again. Maybe I got lucky? Who knows! I’m certainly impressed and I love both of my purchases!

 Bailey ♡ xxx

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  1. Both pieces look lovely on you! I’ve never tried anything off romwe before as I was worried that it wouldn’t be how it looks but I might try some clothes off there after seeing you post. Great post x
    A x | www.simplyxanna.wordpress.com

    1. Thank you, I would say you should try it x

  2. Knowing my awkward size it would be too big hahaha Glad it fits you like a glove! Love, Iga www.igaberry.com

    1. They do! My friends clothes didn’t fit tho


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