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September 15, 2018

 I’m getting more into subscription boxes and out of them all I really love the ASOS boxes, they are so affordable and jam packed with goodies for £12 (£2 per item!!!!!!!!!!!) This is the second box I’ve got and it won’t be my last. I love getting minis of products I’ve never tried before and this box is so perfect to get if you want to try things - especially high end skincare! Skincare is something I love so much and these boxes make exciting to try new things

 In the box, it contains -
 - too faced better then sex mascara
- Rodial dragon’s blood hyaluronic toner
- Glamglow thirsymud hydrating treatment
- Ouai rose hair & body oil
- Touch in sol no pore blem primer
- emma hardie brilliance facial oil review

To start with, the too faced better then sex mascara is well hyped and surprisingly (even though I’ve already got it!) I’ve never tried it before so I’m not even gonna open my new one and I’m going to save it and try my own. Onto my opinions of it, I honestly love it! Like most mascaras it doesn’t keep Its curl but it makes me lashes look amazing and it’s a new mascara I know I’m going to be hooked into.

 Next for the Rodial dragon’s blood hyaluronic toner. I don’t think I’d never buy this but it certainly does interest me. The spray on it is so good! It sprays an even mist which I’m so happy about as I’ve had my hair few dodgy sprays . I’m obsessed with the smell of this and it leaves my skin feeling super soft and hydrated. Safe to say I will be using the product a lot more!

 Honestly the main reason I’ve bought this box was for the ouai rose hair and body oil. I’ve wanted to try this brand for so long so seeing a mini in this box just sold me! I am loving oils for my hair (and body) at the minute so combining it with rose which is one of my favourite scents just made me want to buy it and I honestly was not disappointed! It helps my hair feel so lovely with a light scent to go with it.

 Ive seen so much on the Touch in sol no pore blem primer and it’s never interested me but it’s honestly it’s the only slightly disappointing thing in the box. Starting the tube had so little product in, I think I’ll only get one more use on it which I expected afew atleast. I do like the light silicone texture but it didn’t hide my pores. I can still see them though my makeup but I will say it does help keep my makeup on with no shine all day! I’m happy with that just expected my pores to almost disappear. 

Finally is a emma hardie brilliance facial oil! I’ve heard nothing but good things from Emma Hardie and I know this won’t disappoint. I want to use facial oils more then I do so I was excited to get this. Before I could even use it, I spilled it all over my hands which was great!!!! So I can confirm it’s not a good oil for bedsheets but works well on your hands? Seriously though it felt really nice on my skin and left it looking so soft and feeling so moisturised! I’m so happy with this and I will be using it regularly.

 Minis are my favourite things and especially since they help me try new products in a small cute size! Boxes like this are the best way to get them for an affordable price and with the rate ASOS are dropping these boxes, I’d keep my eye on the website if I was you!

 Bailey ♡ xxx

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  1. I've never heard of an ASOS box and I've definitely never seen a blog post on it! So cool to see something new :) x

    Megan x meganatkinsonslife.org

  2. This looks great! I’ll have to check it out as I didn’t know they did a box


  3. Nice! I would love to try that mascara :)

    xoxo Sienna

  4. I didn’t know you could get ASOS boxes but these look amazing and such good value! Great review!

  5. A really great review of the ASOS box! I want to try some of the products! I may go and have a look at the ASOS website now. A really great post! 😊🌸xxx

  6. Omg that's AMAZING for £12@ Wtf! xx


  7. I've never heard of an ASOS box but it seems like a good deal for £12 :) I'd love to try the mascara!

  8. Awesome post & review! The items look great! Thank u for sharing, I had never heard of this one!😀💛🤗

  9. Wow I never even realised ASOS done these! That’s amazing and especially for £12! Great post by the way and honest review which I like :)


  10. That sounds good :) I'm glad you liked most of the products! Personally, I think I would love to try the hair and body oil and the toner :D

    Laura from peanutsandcacahuetes.com

  11. Like so many others, I had never heard of an ASOS box but it looks like great value for money and what a great review. Thanks for sharing!

  12. You scored a great selection wth this ASOS box and it sounds like you're enjoying your new goodies :)


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