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November 14, 2018

This is probably the most personal and real post I’ve written on my blog. I never have shared much personally so this is completely different and I’d love to hopefully help / inspire people with sharing my experience with acne.

 This is still going on and probably won’t stop for awhile no matter how hard i try, I’m a spotty person! I’ve came to be used to this but I want to share my experience with people who may be more self conscious about their skin. I know I’ve grown to love and take care of it.

 Well, this all started around 12. I was in year 7 when my skin was starting to get bad and I used to get huge spots and I hated it so much. They were always coming as other ones were going, it felt so frustrating for this to be happening, I’d never experienced breakouts and to this extreme i was just not enjoying it in the slightest. This was before I was into makeup so they were always just there and I used to be bothered so much by them, being right in the open and I was clueless how to treat them or what to do or not do.

 Then in around year 8-9 they began getting increasingly worse and I began covering them with makeup! It was the natural thing I though to do, I wasn’t massively into skincare I used my mums cleanse and polish and the skin tonic but nothing else and it made no difference but it took it all off, leaving just my spots and I hated it so much. Every day to school I was caked in foundation and I was even pulled for wearing too much but by the end of the day it was all a completely mess. I don’t know why no one told me, looking back I can only imagine how bad it looks to the people around me.

 The first step to try stop it was putting me on the pill. This was due to other problems too but I hoped it would help my skin but after 3 months we didn’t noticed a change so we crossed out it being hormonal. I pretty much was still at square 1 and I was really down about it as I hoped it would help and it just never seemed to. I tried everything - drinking water, getting more and more into skincare (which has made my love for skincare be what it is now) and doing all those ‘diy methods’ of toothpaste, sundacreme or savlon but not a thing worked. This was a vicious cycle.

 The biggest thing that happened was in September 2017, I finally went to the doctors after my skin is having some of the worst breakouts I’ve ever had. He gave me some lymecycline pills and epiduo gel. I was extatic that my skin would finally clear up after all this time and even though it took months and months it did - and it’s clearer then it’s ever been even-though I still get spots, it’s more like a regular teenager and I’m not covered in them which is a massive change.

 This has really helped it - I’ve stopped wearing makeup to school which was a huge step for me going 5 days a week with nothing on and my skin out in the open and my confidence has gotten so much better. I have the mentality that if you’re going to judge me over or say anything about my spots then you’re just a straight up dickhead.

My experience isn’t the most extravagant or the worst but I know people will be out there who want to read about it and maybe it’ll help someone out there because I hope it does. I love reading how I’ve grown though my experience too I feel proud of my confidence and how it is today.

 Bailey ♡ xx

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  1. This is a really inspirational story Bailey. I'm so happy that the pills worked for you and your confidence has increased too. A few years ago, I randomly started getting spots on my chin and I found that cutting out milk and switching to oat milk completely cleared them up, my sister experienced the same thing too, it was weird! Thanks for sharing your experience <3 xx

    Bexa | www.hellobexa.com

    1. Thank you so mhch. Ironically my skin is breaking out at the minute and it does help. I hope it’s nothing to do with diary I love cheese too much.

  2. So brave for sharing this, it’s great more and more people are talking about it! So glad you feel more confident now :) xx

  3. This was very brave of you to talk about this. I've always struggled with my acne too. Apparently it's in my dad's genes and he STILL gets them, so that whole mantra I was told throughout school, "oh, they'll go away when you're older" is a bunch crap! Unfortunately, neither one of us don't use anything for it. We both have very sensitive skin and even washing our faces with soap has caused us to break out in hives, so to be honest we're both a little afraid to put anything on them. :(

    1. Thank you, it means a lot. It’s awful and I completely get it because I’m in the same boat

  4. Glad that you got on top of the acne. I don't even wash my face with soap, I just use water. And makeup would be hard on anyone's skin, so I am glad you stopped wearing it to school.
    I am not a make up person at all, figuring people can take me as I am.

    Thanks for sharing your experience

  5. Having acne is hard but can be overcome. Thanks for the post.


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