♡ day 10 - Gift guide for him ♡

December 10, 2018

it’s mid December and you haven’t got your boyfriend / father / grandpa / uncle a Christmas present and you’re panicking. I think boys are the hardest people to shop for unless you’re getting them clothes! I remember trying to get my dad a present last year, I struggled! I was so excited to do my first male gift guide on my blog.

Finding presents for him is hard. I know I spent along time looking for gifts I felt are useful, fun exciting and thoughtful! Everyone’s different and I think I’ve covered a lot of bases. I tried so much to hopefully give people good ideas and i hope these gifts are helpful!

credit card multi tool - £6
beer wooden money box - £6
Ted Baker Taglee Wallet & Card Holder Gift Set - £69
Fizz Laser Tag Game - £19.99
Thumbs Up Dj Mini Mix - £19.99
Paladone Emergency Bottle Opener - £6.99
Men's Society Beard Grooming Kit - £25
Burton Menswear embellished tie and pocket square set in black - £12
Barber Pro Foaming Cleansing Mask - £4.95
Men's Society Whisky Lovers Gift Set - £40
Wireless portable charger - £22
Wahl Beard Oil Gift Set - £20
Hip flask set - £31.99
Men's Society 4 in 1 Bar Tool - £25
Jack Daniels gift set - £11
Men-u selection box grooming essentials - £24.95
Sega android smartphone controller - £29.99
Ted Baker Crafti leather reversible belt - £40

If I could, I’d love to buy it all and gift to people. Nothing is more exciting I think then buying people presents you think they’ll love and appreciate so I hope I’ve helped someone else do this for a family / friend member!

Bailey ♡ xxx

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  1. Men are definitely hard to shop for at times so I take mental notes throughout the year of the things they say they need or want. That usually helps me.

    Erica Raquel

    1. i completely agree, this is what i was doing for my dad

  2. A portable charger is such a good gift idea! It's one of those things that people always forget to buy for themselves!
    Aleeha xXx

  3. I always find these posts so helpful! It's so easy to shop for all my girlfriends, aunts, etc, but super hard to find things for my male friends or relatives, unless they have a very specific niche that I'm well aware of haha x


    1. i completely agree but i am glad, girls are so easy but boys are hard

  4. It is not always easy to shop for men! I find it really hard. Nice post :)


  5. Thank you for these ideas. My son is the hardest to buy for!


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