♡ 2018 roundup / new year resolutions ♡

January 01, 2019

 This year hasn’t half been a rollercoaster. Year 3 of blogging is completed and it doesn’t just feel good. I’ve had some amazing memories, my blog grown so much I never expected it to be like this and I’ve done so much I never expected to do with my blog.

 Blogging has just blown up I don’t really know how to put it - I mean my views have tripled, I have got an amazing audience and people interaction on my posts by commenting and reading. This has been so amazing to see happen as I can now put people to who read my blog, I never expected this.

 My 2 posts a week have been doing so well and I’m getting so many views I never expected this and I’m so happy seeing it do nothing but grow. I’ve had PR packages, a sponsored post and it’s just all so overwhelming and I feel a massive sense of achievement as I enjoy blogging so much and I’ve felt so rewarded for it.

 I just want 2019 to be my year. It’s an eventful time with my GCSES, prom and starting college and I just pray it all goes well as it’s alot. I’m hoping it doesn’t effect my blog but my studies are super important and I will put nothing but hard work into them during the year so I can have an amazing summer.

 I’m so excited to experience the year as I’ve so many plans and exciting things happening and to come, I have my own goals and ambitions and I wanted to shared them with you and even know yours. I’m such a aim setter person so I am thinking big for this year.

 ~ 2019 goals ~
1. Keep up reading - read 50 books
 2. Try be more confident in myself
 3. Make gcses your bitch - carry on revising and don’t stress
 4. Go out as much as I can
 5. Just say yes
 6. Get a part time job 
7. Get to Paris this year
8. Change up my style & wear more out there clothes
 9. Treat myself to something I deserve

 And that’s it round up! Long story short the year was eventful but not the worst and I hope you stick with me though 2019, let's try make it a year better year than last!

 Bailey ♡ xxx

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  1. Happy New Year! Going to Paris is also on my list of things I want to do this year - it's so close but I still haven't been!

    Becca / becc4

  2. I wish I could go back to a time when I had GCSEs! Your life is so stress free right now just sit back and enjoy not paying rent and bills.. and more bills.. Haha. Good luck with exams. X

  3. Love that you've been keeping up with the blogging vibes. It's great that your blog has been growing! Good luck with all of your goals for 2019. They're definitely doable - hope you'll have a great year!!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  4. You go girl! 2 posts a week is wonderful. I hope 2019 is your best year yet. <3

  5. your doing so so well with your blog, good luck with your GCSES this year x

  6. I can't wait to see what 2019 brings for you lovely! You'll do absolutely fab in your GCSEs and if you have to take a few weeks off from blogging to revise don't worry about it, your blog and readers will still be here when you get back! Good luck with all your goals, I'd love to hear what books you enjoy throughout the year!

    Jess // foundationsandfairytales.wordpress.com

  7. Those are great goals! Hope 2019 is your best year! xo J

  8. What a great post and some great goals! I’d love to visit Paris. You definitely have a fab little blog going and good luck for your GCSE’s xx

  9. Love your goals! You'll do fantastic on your GCSEs, and I hope you do get to visit Paris! That's definitely on my bucket list as well :) Happy New Year!

    Beatrice | The Bliss Bean

  10. Great goals! Wearing more out there clothes is something I tell myself to do each year ����

    All the best with your GCSE's and remember even though they're important... Keep a good balance of fun and revision time. Don't over do it.

    All the best for 2019 xx

  11. I love your 2019 goals! I also would love to read more this year


  12. Brilliant resolutions! I really want to change up my style as well this year! Hope you have a brilliant 2019!

  13. Hi bailey!! I love your goals, 50 books seems like a lot but if they are really good you can do that with ease. Going to Paris has been one of my dreams since I was young! I wish you all of the luck accomplishing all of your goals! Happy 2019!!

    Erica Raquel

  14. Fantastic goals for 2019! What books do you plan to read? :) I feel like my reading list in never ending! :P

    1. thank you so much, i don't have many ideas yet ! x

  15. Good luck with your goals for this year! I'm sure you'll achieve them! I can't wait to read more blog posts by you!
    Tabs xx | Late Nights & Lattes

  16. Happy new year and congratulations on your amazing blogging achievements! And best of luck with those goals - I'm sure you'll smash your GCSEs!

    Rachel || https://www.wordofrachel.com

  17. Good luck with your GCSE's, I have no doubt you will smash them. It is definitely a difficult time but it is so rewarding in the end!
    Grace xx

  18. Great ideas for the new year of 2019!! Wishing you an awesome year!

  19. Beautiful blog! Many blessings this new year...

  20. Good luck with your goals! I reqlly hope your GCSEs go well 💖

    Taiwo | alifestylenerd.wordpress.com

  21. Seems like some really great goals for the new year!

  22. Wow, your 2018 sounds like a success, especially from a blogging perspective. We're at a similar point in our blogging journey's and you've definitely managed to identify your corner on the internet. Congratulations on the things you've already managed to achieve with it, and best of luck for 2019. I hope it's just as successful from a blogging perspective.

    Your goal for next year about your GCSE's is especially important. It made me realise that it's coming up to five years since I took mine, but I can remember the stress like they happened yesterday. I think teachers put so much of the pressure they're feeling onto their students, especially since the new structure has come in, and in most cases it just isn't needed. I barely think about my GCSE's now, and although this won't help, the only ones that really matter after you've gotten into university (if you're going) are English and Maths. With that being said, I hope you do well in your GCSE's and that your hard work pays off!

    Rebekah Gillian | https://rebekahgillian.co.uk/

    1. thank you so much, i can tell you are right. the stress is awful i completely agree theyre awful so its nice people realise

  23. Happy New Year! Congratulations on all that you have achieved with your blog in the last year. It's great to see a bit of growth, isn't it?!

    I am sure you will smash your GCSEs!
    Here is to a great 2919!

    Aimsy xoxo


  24. Congrats on all the success you've had this year! Great resolutions, too -- especially with how much your blog has grown, get out there and rock it with that confidence! Good luck!

  25. Such a great post! Your goals look amazing & I know you will crush them! I really enjoy following you!

  26. Glad to hear blogging is going so well for you - onwards and upwards! I have a goal of reading more books this year too :) x

    - Charlotte / myownblogofthoughts.blogspot.com

  27. Good luck with your GCSEs Hun! I'm at uni now and remember doing them like it was yesterday. I hope you meet your goals

    Chelle | www.chellebelle2016.blogspot.co.uk


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