♡ day 12 - things I love about Christmas ♡

December 12, 2018

 It really is the most wonderful time of the year! What’s not to love about it?? There are so many things - big or little that they are to love about Christmas and I know I have a hell of a lot! I really love just sitting back and thinking of why I really appreciate Christmas.

The festive season is really something special - it’s filled with happiness, fun, giving and family time and I get sooooo excited every year for it to come and I just take it all in as it happens! Making this list has really reminded me of all what’s to come.

 - the way it brings families together
 - The lights
 - The feeling of festivity
 - The happiness everyone feels
 - Santa!
 - The songs
 - The way it’s all associated with happiness
 - The limited edition gift sets
 - The decorations
- Christmas adverts
- Christmassy pyjamas
 - Buying other people gifts
 - The excitement
- The food
 - The way we see certain family members a lot more then normal
 - Christmas ranges
 - Receiving gifts (you’re lying if you say it’s not something you love!!!)
 - All the parties / celebrations
 - Prosecco being regular to drink
 - The nativity
 - Opening my advent calendar every morning
 - Late night shopping
 - Christmas markets

 I know there will be lots of things I left out and a lot more reasons why Christmas is amazing! Making this list has gotten me so in the festive spirit and has just made me look at Christmas in almost another point of view - what there is to enjoy about the season!

 Bailey ♡ xxx

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