♡day 19 - my favourite festive candles ♡

December 19, 2018

I’m a huge candle person. I start burning them as soon as get in and blow them out as soon as I sleep! They just make a room smell amazing and feel all cosy, I love the calming atmosphere they create. I love combining them with my love for Christmas too!

 Around this time of the year we get lots of warm, cozy and spicy smelling candles that almost set the mood and just remind you of Christmas and these are my favourite things. It really helps calm and relax me so I burn them as much as I can.

I’m starting with my favourite, which isn’t specifically Christmas based yet I associate it with winter. It’s Yankee candle fireside treats, this is my favourite Yankee candle and the one I burn all throughout the festive seasons. I’m on my second large jar as I tend to get it for my birthday and I can’t wait for my room to smell like toasted marshmallows again.

 Next is a Christmas candle from Yankee candle in the scent sugared apples. I never burnt this as I forgot I had it but I’m so glad I found it! I am in love with the fresh, crisp yet sweet and cozy Christmas smell that will make any room smell amazing! It’s the perfect scent for anyone who doesn’t like too overpowering scents, I think it’s something most people would love.

 Next is what my boyfriend got me last year and I sure do love it. He got me a hamper full of the scent and I fell in love with it. It’s the Wickford & co warm apple and cinnamon. This smells so cozy and the way it’s warm yet spicy at the same time goes together perfectly so it smells so Christmassy. It’s such a subtle smelling candle as it’s not too strong but you can smell it which I like. It’s just an overall perfect scent that lives up to its name.

   I know my nights will be spent with a hot chocolate, in my living room with the fireplace on and one of these candles lit whilst I read everyone’s blogmas. I honestly am so excited for this to be a regular this again!!

 Bailey ♡ xxx

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  1. Yankee Candles are divine! The Christmas Memories and Frosty Gingerbread scents are my favourites. Will have to give the Fireside Treats one a go, thanks for recommending :)

    - B&I

    1. i love them! my mum is burning frosted gingerbread in our house. its my fav

  2. I'm not familiar with this candles but they seem like the candles that I would totally buy!!! Christmassy candles sounds amazing!! Xx

  3. I'm so guilty of burning my candles allll day because I just can't bear to blow them out :') These candles sound lovely! I've currently got a wide range of Christmassy scents in my room, and I love them all x

  4. I love a good candle, and there are some great scents available during Christmas. I love the Yankee Christmas Cookie one, but i haven't seen it much this year (luckily I had a few tea lights of it left over from last year!).

    Aimsy xoxo



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