♡ day 21 - How to make hot chocolates better ♡

December 21, 2018

l I really don’t think I’m the only one who has atleast one hot chocolate per night when it’s cold. They are cosy, keep me warm and tastes amazing.

 But I know the same old gets boring after awhile so I experiment on how I can make my hot chocolates ‘better’ giving it a different flavour, to make it more flavourful and I’ve surely achieved it so far. These little things can make the drink taste completely different and I love it. - Add cream into the mixture

 - Use water instead of milk
 - Use milk instead of water
 - Different flavours of milk
 - Whipped cream
 - Marshmallows
 - add peppermint - candy canes
 - Add cinnamon, nutmeg / spices - Vanilla extract
 - Different chocolates - dark & white
 - Caramel & salt = salted caramel
 - Orange zest & orange = chocolate orange
 - Peanut butter
 - Almond milk, cocoa powder = vegan
 - Golden syrup / maple syrup
 - Honey
- Coffee / expresso
- Fruit
 - Baileys (if you’re old enough to drink)
 - Marshmallow fluff
 - Nutella
- Brown sugar
- sweeter
 - Use ice cream
- Syrups
- Try different brands
- with caramel in

 It really spices the drink up - literally and I really think it makes a difference to make the drink taste different and new - even more enjoyable. And I’m always up for ways of making it better.

 Bailey ♡ xxx

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  1. Love a good hot chocolate. I'm a milk not water person. I think chocolate orange flavour is the best! x

    Megan | https://meganelizabethlifestyle.com/


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