♡ day 25 - My Christmas Day ♡

December 25, 2018

 My favourite time of the year is finally here, the day what all the wait has been for has came and I couldn’t be happier!

 I start off my day by setting my alarm for 7, which I wake up before anyway due to excitement and going waking everyone in my house so we can open presents. We all get together as a family and spend so much time just opening all our gifts and I treasure it so much. We all say thank you and enjoy it and it’s just so special.

Then at about dinner time, we all get ready and go to our local pub. This really shows how British we are as it’s a tradition and we see all our family and close friends in there. It’s such an amazing atmosphere for us all to enjoy and everyone is happy, cheerful and singing so it’s so enjoyable and festive.

 Once we leave we tend to go home straight for dinner. My mum cooks our Christmas lunch and it’s always amazing! We have such an amazing time pulling crackers, eating the food and just being happy all together as a family! My mum makes amazing dinner.

 Then it’s 5pm and no one knows where the time went. We host a party almost for my family whoever wants to come and on Christmas night, we have them around our house! This is usually the only time in the year we all get together so it’s so nice having everyone under 1 roof to be able to enjoy it all with.

 Then before you know it it’s midnight, everyone’s leaving and it’s time to go to bed! The day goes so quickly but it’s so amazing, exciting and enjoyable it’s just worth it. I sleep like a baby then enjoy a chilling day for Boxing day.

 I can’t believe I’ve finally completed blogmas. I feel so proud of myself for doing it and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. It’s been such an amazing, fun and warming experience to be able to write so much about my favourite time of the year and have everyone enjoy reading it. I’m so glad I decided to push myself for it as it’s so rewarding. Thank you so much for reading it, till next year!

 Bailey ♡ xxx

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  1. Well done on completing blogmas. It sounds like you have a wonderful Christmas

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  3. Aww congrats on completing blogmas! I could never haha

  4. Your Christmas sounds lovely!! Following your blogmas this year was amazing, it was one of my favourites :) I'm sorry you didn't get as much support for all the hard work you did this month, you deserve more than that! xxx



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