♡ day 4 - Christmas budgeting tips ♡

December 04, 2018

 It’s not a secret that Christmas is one of the most expensive times of the year. We’re all buying each other gifts so everyone’s pay goes to nothing. You need outfits, food and all that but you’re left with £0 in the bank.

 I know how hard it can be for some people so for months before / during the period is the biggest time of the year for budgeting and it can be hard but when I’ve seen people do it, there are little ways to try make it easier.

One of the biggest tips I think should apply to anyone, budgeting or not is saving all year. put set amount aside every month makes you not realise then you’ve a rather large stack of money you didn’t even realise you had by December and it can be used to buy presents, food or your monthly life budget. It’s a huge relief knowing you’ve money aside for the season.

 Another way to save is when you’re buying presents with your friends, set a price limit so you don’t overbuy! This helps you all spend the same and makes you able to plan out how you need to spend on presents at this time so you can make a budget with an idea how much you’ll spend.

One of my favourite tips is one of the most overlooked thing, when stores have sales (January, mid year or just to reduce stock) buy presents! You’d be surprised the bargins you can get though the year just to save for Christmas - having presents already to give people makes you save without realising and getting them at a discounted price is better! This can also apply to wrapping paper, cards or even alcohol in the sale though the year you see and just putting it away till December!

 To get your presents cheaper, always Use discount codes / vouchers and advantage cards whilst shopping! I remember ordering my mums presents, just googling discount codes for the websites I got afew free gifts and 10% off codes and it meant I saved on her presents so I could buy her more! I also used my boots card I ended up with £15 from the year to spend on presents with benefitted me too. This was so helpful as it’s makes sure you can save or buy more which is what you want during the season.

 I hope these little tips / hacks help you save! I know I always do try save & budget though the holiday season as I really do thank myself at the end. Honestly picked half of these hacks up from my mother (which I’m extremely grateful for) and I’ve seen her save, buy presents throughout the year and stock up so I know these do work!

 Bailey ♡ xxx

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  1. Great tips. I usually ask what my friends and family want for Christmas and plan accordingly but this year I've set aside a "fund" to grab gift cards so everyone can buy what they want. It's far simpler lol.

  2. I agree it's good to save a little throughout the year. Great tips!

  3. These are some great tips, Bailey! :)

  4. I appreciate the tips Bailey! It is so hard to have self control to save up every month but I try my best! Sometimes I don't get to save as much but it's something! haha x

    Geraldine | https://geraldinetalks.com

  5. It is so smart to save a bit each month! That's something I like to be sure to do, so I love that you shared that as well :)



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