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January 09, 2019

 When it comes to makeup it’s all about quality. We need the best quality in the product you can get and this can be hard at an affordable price. In a dream world makeup would all be affordable but it’s sadly not like that.

 Finding gems in the drugstore is hard - getting them amazing products at such affordable prices is a mission but when you find them or are recommended them it’s so worth it. It’s taken me so long to find my staple products with a lot of trial and error but I’m very happy with what I’ve found.

 I’m going to go in order of what I’d put on my face and start with foundation. The drugstore foundation i love is the L’Oréal infallible foundation. This is such an amazing high coverage foundation which lasts all day and looks perfect on my skin. It works so well for me and I have got all my friends onto it them love it.

 For concealer I honestly can’t choose one. I have to include both The Collection lasting perfection concealer & makeup revolution conceal and define. There’re the best drugstore concealers you can find - they have such high coverage and last all day an such an affordable price of £4.19 & £4. These are all I use and I don’t think I could use anything different.

 For face, I’m not a blush person and I just stick with my sleek blush in rose gold. This is such a 2015 classic and everyone raved about this - I just still feel the same. The blush is an amazing soft rose shade with a slight gold glitter that doesn’t show. I love how it looks as it compliments my pale skin so well so it suits me and for £5 you can’t go wrong.

 For eyebrows, I’ve never heard anyone talk about this, but it’s my favourite product. The nyx brow pomade is amazing! It lasts, it’s such a good thick pigmented formula which is only £5. It’s a steal and I’ve had mine way over a year so I’ve lots of product left in it. I think it’s such an affordable hidden gem in the drugstore more people need to try.

 This ones quite hard to get in the UK, but the colourpop eyeshadows are so amazing. The super shock shadows have the best pigment I’ve never seen with a half wet texture that are so sparkly and creamy. I wish I could get ahold of them more, because they’re out of this world and I love using them so much.

 Onto lips, I am turning back to a lipstick girl and my favourite drugstore lipstick I’ve came across is the soph x revolution lipstick in the shade ‘fudge’. This has a more satin lipstick and is a perfect nude, it’s so comfortable on the lips and lasts so well - to make this all better its only £4! You can’t go wrong with this, it’s amazing.

 I know they’re so many more gems I haven’t tried but I’m always looking! These are my favourites and hopefully a part 2 of this post can come, I’d love to find more! Nothing is better then an amazing product at an affordable price.

 Bailey ♡ xxx

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  1. Just started using the Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define, and OMG I'm so in love. I used to use the Collection one, but could never find the right one for me, but now I'm so happy!

  2. I love NYX but I never tried the brow pomade before. I make sure I look for it at my local drug store. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love finding budget friendly options, thank you so much for sharing girl!

  4. Ooh! I love myself some high quality budget-friendly finds :) I'm thinking of buying the Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define one soon! Thanks for sharing your drugstore finds Bailey!!

  5. Drugstore gems are my go to for makeup, always try and budget as a student and I especially love the revolution lipsticks, so good! Still yet to try that infallible foundation however, heard lots of good stuff about it!x

    Fatimah • ROSEYGOLDBOX


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