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March 13, 2019

When it comes creating a style there’s one important thing I’ve learn the past few months whilst trying - you need to get your staple pieces first! to start building up your wardrobe you need to find your staples that go with everything and you wear everyday.

 Getting essentials makes you realise how many they are. If I’m honest I’m still building them up and I don’t think it’ll stop anytime soon as there is so many essentials to have as they can fit your style or personal preferenace

 Starting on bottoms, you may expect to see a denim skirt after my styling a denim skirt was my last fashion post. I just think these are such an essential as they go with anything and everything yet make an outfit look so much more cuter then you’d expect. It adds a look as if you’ve put more effort then you actually have into your outfit and I’m all for that

 For jeans, it has to be my Black joni jeans. Topshop jeans are so worth the investment as they’re such good quality and so comfy to wear everyday - I can last in them for hours. The only downside is the black fades but I just re-dye them for the amount I wear the jeans as they’re my go to and I think joni jeans are the best topshop do.

 Onto tops, as we live in the uk one thing I think everyone needs is a Black & Grey long sleeved t-shirt. Wether it’s for layering on like me to wear on their own, they’re essential if it’s cold! I think they’re so easy to style with a jacket to throw on and they are so universal in accessories you can too. They keep you warm and are such good quality - with such a perfect fit

 During the summer I lived in my white cami. It’s such a wearable top! It’s so light and I love how it looks on so I reached for it so much. It’s definitely quickly became an essential as it’s basic but you can get so many colours of it and it’s so universal to style in any season - you can layer it and put it with anything

 For shoes, my all time go to are my black ankle boots. They’re comfy and go with everything so I pretty much just wear these all the time! They have lasted me over a year and are still in such good condition - I really love them and I know they are always going to be my favourite shoes as they’re the ones that have lasted me

 This is just afew of my personal essentials, you might not feel like you need these - but I couldn’t live without them! I find these are what I always reach for on those days so I love them all so much and think they’re so worth investing in

 Bailey ♡ xxx

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  1. These are great tips and ideas! Black jeans are really chic and functional, and I doubt will ever go out of style. I'll have to invest in a denim skirt as well! Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are great essentials. I would add a great blazer to the list.


  3. This is great.

    I'm really basic with my clothes as I hate deciding what to wear but I ALWAYS have just plain white or black tops that go with everything. You can tuck them in a skirt, jeans etc and if you really can't be bothered, just throw a cardigan or blazer on and it looks great!

    I live in my blazer, it's so easy to wear with absolutely everything!

    Great post 😊

  4. I love my Joni jeans! The fact that they finally got ones with belt holes is so great!!
    Laura / https://www.laustworld.com/

  5. Can’t go wrong with black jeans or cami tops! Feel like this is my wardrobe ����

  6. I definitely need to buy a denim skirt! Thanks for the tips!

  7. You are so right, you need those staple pieces! I find that live in turtle necks during the winter as one, they keep you warm and two, they go with everything! Another staple I love is body con dresses! So easy to style, & I love wearing them with baggy cardigans!

    Tabitha ♥ http://www.latenightsandlattes.co.uk/

  8. Your Blog Looks GREAT!!!!! Keep up the GOOD work!!!!! :)

  9. Hey girl this is a great little post. I have something very similar if you wanted to check it out https://www.lovezoe.co.uk/blog/5-wardrobe-essentials-i-cant-live-without x x x

  10. My topshop jeans have never let me down ❤️ Such a good list! Essentials are always overlooked

  11. Black ankle boots and denim skirts are my favorite staples too! I can wear both for at two to three seasons. Love your wardrobe staple tips.

  12. These are some great suggestions for basics. Black jeans are a go-to for me as well x



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