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March 20, 2019

 I am the worst at looking after mr hair - it’s a fact. I have long frizzy hair and it’s not in good condition but over the past few months I’ve been trying to change it. I want my hair condition to improve and I can honestly say I’ve noticed it.

 I want a simple / affordable routine that works so well and I think I’ve cracked the coke. This routine happens every 3 days, and I try keep my hair in the best condition I can as I love my long hair so I’m doing everything to save it and not cut it off.

 Do stert, my shampoo & conditioner I use is the L’Oreal elvive dream length range. I am on my 3rd bottle of this and it’s like liquid gold! It’s got the most amazing scent and the ingredients inside is are helping my hair so much. Recently they’ve brought out a stonger conditioner too the rapid reviver power conditioner and I’m starting using this as I really need it.

 Onto my favourite hair mask, if joins hand in hand with this as it’s the matching hair mask to the shampoo & conditioner - the L’Oreal elvive dream length saviour mask. This doesn’t half do that it says! Its my saving grace when my hair is feeling fully and brittle, as it makes it feel amazing as soon as I put it in, so now I use it atleast once a week. I didn’t realise how little people use a heat protectant.

I use heat on my hair everytime when I wash it so a protectant is essential to me as I hope it can help me hair be less damaged due to the heat! I use the TRESemme Protect Heat Defence Styling Spray as it’s so easy to spray in my dry hair before I use heat and it helps it.

 Oil is an essential for my hair. I really do notice the difference in the ends of my hair when I don’t use it as it helps soften it and help calm the frizz down. Especially if I don’t use a mask it helps keep the ends in good condition. I use the L’Oreal elvive extraordinary oil. This smells amazing and had such a silky & smoothe texture.

 This routine has probably saved my hair. Without it I’d hate to think what condition my hair would be in but it’s just full of holy grail products you need in your life! L’Oreal truly do good by my hair.

 Bailey ♡ xxx

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  1. I do love the L'Oreal dream lengths stuff! My hair was so so frizzy and it was driving me insane so I got it cut a lot shorter, which was something I'd wanted to do for a while, and it feels so much healthier now and I love it! This routine seems to work just the same and it's less extreme, haha! Great post, lovely x

  2. Ooh these sound good! I have similar hair, it’s so long now and gets very dry on the ends so a routine like this would be good for me. I can’t afford to spend loads on expensive products though but I think L’Oreal is very reasonable for what it does!

  3. I really need to try this range as I love the Elvive collection xx


  4. Ooh that hair oil sounds so nice! I recently bleached my hair so I've been taking better care of it - I've been doing a coconut oil hair mask every night, and then after I wake up and wash it, I use a ton of conditioner in it, hahaha. It seems to be working though, my hair feels very soft and I don't notice any damage! :)

    Beatrice | The Bliss Bean

  5. I ended up getting mine chopped a few weeks back because my hair was a mess, so much that i generally just slapped it up in a ball and that was me done! 🙈
    Im going to note these products for when my hair grows back as i really could do with something to ease the mess it gets in.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Much Love,
    Laura xx

    Https://www.directlylaura.com 🌹

  6. hey Bailey, thank you so much for so many awesome tips ! I too need to get to grips with haircare - it's such a trial / error situation so I really appreciate so many recommendations - especially the fact that they're a bit more budget-friendly than a lot of hair products on the market right now !

    have a lovely Sunday !

    Nati x | www.natimacchiato.com

  7. I put so much time into a skincare routine that I genuinely forgot about my hair!

    Laura ☆ www.laurahasablog.co.uk


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