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May 15, 2019

 Face masks are some of my favourite skincare products. They are life savers and come in so many different forms. You can never stop with facemasks, they cater for all different skin types, skin problems and have such a variety of textures. There are so many out there, there is something for everything you need.

 When comes to buying a new face mask, it’s such a hard decision personally I feel like you need to think of all the “step” should I say or reasoning behind purchasing that type of mask. The market is full of them - some work, some don’t so this can be a hard task -finding first perfect mask.

 The first thing you need to think of is - price do you want to splurge or save. The drugstore do some amazing masks work wonder, the hardest part part with this is finding them. I’ve had a lot of drugsstore products that haven’t worked or have made my skin worse so it is quite a risk but just because high-end skincare is expensive doesn’t necessarily mean it works either. There are some brands I know that I rely on, They are worth a splurge. Just because somebody trusty doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try new products but face masks really can be hit and miss so research before would be a good idea or going off recommendations.

 Once you’ve your price range you need to look at what you are targeting. Do you want to tackle dry skin or clear up acne - when it comes to buying facemasks it’s all about knowing what you want to target or focus on to help prove your skin. There are so many masks out there that you can get them in all textures - you can go classic Clay masks, a peel off mask, a bubble mask or a gel mask if you specially dry skin. Sheet masks are perfect for this to as they are really coming up in the beauty industry but personally I’m more of a clay mask Girl. There are so many types of textures that can help your skin or even just if you want to change.

 The final step really is buying the mask and trialling it out. Some results are instant but some can take a few goes to work. All masks are truly different and individual when it comes to working and hoe quickly you see results, but so is your skin so you need to know yourself whether it works or not and your skin reacts do not use again and start back at square one but try realise what didn’t work with your skin and avoid that next time. I wanted to share some of my favourite masks with the steps included

. - glam glow supermud clearing treatment - clay mask - purifying skin
 - superdrug vitamin e leave on moisture mask - gel mask - hydrating skin
 - Glamglow Instamud 60 Second Pore-Refining Treatment - bubble mask - pore refining treatment
 - Orgins original skin retexturing mask with rose clay - clay mask - exfoliating mask
 - Garnier vitamin C shot fresh - mix tissue mask - sheet mask - brightens skin

 You don’t realise Its such a lengthy process when it comes to buying a mask , even I didn’t realise untill I wrote it all down. this is so important as every step is really significant and you get one of the steps different it could change your skin for the better or worse so research before buying masks, read reviews and try yourself! I love writing this post as now everyone will have the perfect guidelines to finding the new mask of their dreams!

 Bailey ♡ xxc

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  1. I always hear great things about the glamglow mask! I'll definitely have to give the Superdrug vitamin e mask a go! I love that range! X

  2. I'm obsessed with masks! I just get samples of paste type masks and try them out and then just buy whatever gives me great results!😊

  3. I'm a big fan of glam glow the masks are amazing! I find the body shop charcoal mask to be a dupe for supermud - still on the pricier side though!

    Hayley | hayleyxmartin

  4. This breaks things down really clearly! I am all about clay-based masks to help with my giant pores and oily complexion. Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. Thanks for sharing! I love masks! They are my favorite skincare step :)

  6. I've been getting into sheet masks lately because I find that the clay ones are just so messy (maybe I'm doing something wrong) and your post reminded me that I kept meaning to try a new one out and forgetting (Garnier charcoal thing).
    I like sanctuary spa - their heating clay mask is nice but messy to remove (seriously is it just me?) and their leave on overnight one I am fond of but I find that it stains my pillow cases (again - just me?) but I enjoy the smells and textures and they don't seems to do anything bad to my skin so I dunno

    Love your posts! You're really inspiring me to try and remember to do a bit more skincare!

  7. I do love me a good face mask. You certainly went into detail about what each does and that great for someone like me who just uses any face mask.

    Becca /// wwww.beccasloveforlife.blogspot.com

  8. I've never really used face masks but I have noticed that now I'm getting older, my skin is getting greasier.
    I guess I'll have to commit to a skincare routine!

  9. I haven’t tried any of these yet, but I’ve just recently bought a face mask! It’s made with black clay, so let’s see how it goes. Nice post as always, Bailey :)

    Nora | http://noradileo.com

  10. Thanks for the information! I haven't ever tried a mask, but my daughter likes trying different ones. I will have her give them a try, maybe join her this time! 😀

  11. Any mask that’s helps to clear my pores or help to purify my skin then I’m definitely on board! Both of those GlamGlow masks sounds amazing, I would love to give the Instamud purifying mask a go, it sounds amazing! X

  12. I love Glamglow! Use their face masks alllll the time. Great read! I've been looking into skin care more recently this is helpful!

  13. It's always good to know what masks to use, I am travelling full time in SEAsia so skin regimes are always on the to do list. So thankyou this is helpful.

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