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May 02, 2019

 There’s nothing better on a morning then feeling ready for the day and having that boost of motivation to get though it is you are completely ready - I love the rush of adrenaline It gives so i think it’s so worth it. I’ve recently picked up my own routine that works for me and I wanted to share it in more of a chatty form.

Routine posts also inspire me which I hope inspires and motivates others! Start by rewinding to the night before - I get my outfit and bag ready for the day so it’s easy to grab them and go! I find this is just so convenient so I make sure it’s all ready when I’m going to bed.

 To start the morning - waking up easier will help you get more done! I find setting an earlier alarm helps me get up quicker and ready for the day so I can plan or prepare for my day. Once I’m up the first thing I do is make my bed.Knowing my bed is made is just like a sense of achievement for me as it means my room is all neat and tidy. Without a doubt as soon as I get out of bed I go do my skincare.

Looking after your skin is so important and I’ve countless routine and skincare posts on my blog to show this. It makes me feel really fresh and helps me wait up so I enjoy doing it.

 Once I’ve done it, I have to Have a coffee and plan your day. Knowing what’s going to happen can help motivate me and make me feel happy and excited so I want to do it but I can do this different ways everyday like by write to do lists, goals or anything else you’ll need or motivate you. This is one of my favourite things to do.

 Once I’m all motivated and pumped I will go get ready! Knowing I’ve done all this makes me so together and prepared for the day as I have a plan and know what I’m doing. I’ve really noticed the days I don’t do this and there is a difference in my mood - just having that routine and helping you realise your potential for the day can make the world of a difference

 Sometimes a short, walk though way of helping me can be the perfect post someone needs, I know writing this helped me realise a lot and I hope it helps other people because everyone needs to remember what a boss you are

 Bailey ♡xxx

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  1. Yes, a good morning routine is so important for me too. Thank you for sharing yours <3

  2. Yes! That pumped and motivated feeling in the morning has a huge impact on my overall day too! Glad you've found a routine that works well for you :)

  3. I work from home but I love my morning routine and I love the morning too. I always get so much more done! I can't function without breakfast, so it's breakfast first, then skincare and Yoga!


  4. Having a plan and goals helps me get through my day. I am more productive with a plan.

  5. Great post.
    I usually get up and sort my bed out, then have some breakfast and get ready. :)
    I'm trying to get better at getting up early though, as the snooze button does get pressed quite a bit! 😂
    Clem xx

  6. Totally agree on the importance of having a good morning routine. My one is ruined so often by sleeping too much hahah
    Laura / https://www.laustworld.com/

  7. Love this post. It's so useful .

  8. Cute fab post! I really need a good morning routine, Mornings are just not the one.

    I do set my alarm extra early too, but I cant help but snooze it.

    Shona Marie xo | Bellchic.blog

  9. A good morning routine is definitely important to set off your day right! Thanks for sharing x

    Ashleigh | https://ashleighwrites.co.uk

  10. Super important! It can make or break my day!

  11. I also have a great morning routine. I work from home and I never set an alarmclock for the next day, but I always wake up before 8 AM. I start with a cup of hot water and sit in the sun. I also love to go out for a long walk in the morning, it gives me so much energy for the rest of the day.

    lovely post,


  12. Coffee is always my number 1 go to! Possibly not the best way to work things for my nerves, but it's comfortable.

    Thank you for sharing love!

    - Nyxie


  13. Yeap. To getting & maintain a healthy life it's must have to a mourning routine.
    By the way, Thanks to sharing this articles.

  14. I could really do with making my bed first thing... but the first thing on my mind is ALWAYS breakfast. The bed with definitely always be second best!
    Al x

  15. Lovely post, its hard to feel motivated sometimes! Going for a walk and doing different things defo help x

  16. It sounds like a small thing but getting some stuff ready the night before is such a great idea. I really need to start doing that so I’m ready to go as soon as I wake up x

  17. I love routine posts myself and I loved reading yours! They really help give me ideas since I'm always trying to get my morning routine together.



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