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June 08, 2019

 Finally it’s the time of year everyone loves - prom season! Wether you’ve a prom yourself, a family member or you just love seeing other people’s prom - it’s here! I’m so excited and it’s my prom this year and you bet I’m milking content out of this. It’s so exciting to finally have it after I dreamed so much.

But it can be so so expensive and I’m not about that - so I wanted to share what I think is worth spending on and saving. To start - make a budget and stuck to it! Don’t over do it, be smart and use as many discount codes, friends/ family offers or anything you can to make it cheaper as you will need it. Prom costs a bomb and my parents learnt that the hard way.

 - The dress - this is what it’s about. The key feature of the night and I think it’s so worth spending on as this just makes you feel amazing.
 - Accessories - you want them to compliment your dress and look elegant, so sometimes spending is better! You can re use them after and even wear the more. If you need to budget this, borrowing family members jewellery is always a good idea.
 - Lash extensions - these last longer then prom and will make it so much stress free rather then trying yourself - Nails - I think nails are so important for girls and getting them done will make the look & even last longer then the prom itself
 - Brows - they’re not really expensive but getting your brows done will make you feel so much better - Spray tan - I know tan can make or break an outfit so I really think a spray tan is the best option as it is going to look flawless

 - Dress - sometimes lets be real, money is tight and a dress isn’t where it needs to be spent. Money doesn’t mean a better dress! Shop wisely, look on outlets and sales for dresses and don’t give up! Budget can look just as good. Or you could borrow, buy second hand or rent. It makes no different as you’ll look amazing in what you choose anyway.
 - Bag - bags are expensive. I don’t think you need to pay a bomb for prom, a clutch you may never wear again I know I’m looking in all the sales I can!
 - Shoes - long dresses will cover it anyway, comfort is key so wear a pair you’ve got if you don’t need to buy.
 - Hair - there’s enough tutorials or even friends that are amazing with hair to help you out - salons overcharge for up do’s
 - Car - ask someone you know with a nice car to take you, no one pays attention to the car
- Makeup - do yourself, you might prefer it using your own products
 - Photos - phone camera is good enough now
 - Pamper - have a night in with your friends and do at home pampering to prepare

 I’ve followed this for my prom and it helped - I’ve had to save as my dress cost a bomb and it’s been so much easier then I though! It’s all about being logistical and strategical when shopping and you can find some gems for affordable prices! Bailey ♡ xxx

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  1. Hey girl! At my prom (for grade 9, didn't have a graduation prom) way back in 2004, lol. I rented my dress. I honestly see no point in buying one. Seriously, where would you wear it again. I wore a pair of my step moms sparkly sandals, did my own hair (pony tail with two long curls for bangs) and threw on the only red lip gloss I had. Still had a great night. My date was pretty happy. Lol ;-)

  2. Smart tips here Baily. Although I can barely remember prom; 25 years ago LOL.

  3. I love finding affordable options for grad and prom! I'm always saving as much as I can-but when it comes to the dress, I agree, go splurge!

  4. What an exciting time!!! Have so much fun at your first prom ✨

  5. I wish I could do prom all over again! Mine was 3 years ago. Have so much fun and take a million pictures. The one thing I regret is not capturing enough pictures.

    Chelle: http://chellebelle2016.blogspot.com

  6. i myself never had prom, and i dont even think we have proms here in the city or country.
    but im glad to know you have a guide on how to have the best prom and save as well.


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